Say what you will about Walmart shutting down Main Street America with their bargain-priced wares, it’s hard for me to pass up good survival gear at those prices. On my last grudging trip there, I picked up five items that have a lot of utility in emergency preparedness and survival situations.

Dry Box
I was looking for back-to-school lunchboxes for the kids, but instead found this affordable dry box ($6.88), which could make a very cozy home for a good-sized survival kit. It’s a nice enough box. I went for a bright color, for the enhanced visibility. I did have to check the gaskets carefully, though. The first box I picked up had a malformed gasket, which would be an unpleasant thing to first discover during an emergency.

Yes, I do have an anniversary coming up, but this candle ($1.97) isn’t meant to create romantic lighting. It’s meant to go in the dry box and provide emergency lighting, wax for wet-weather fire starting, and all the other stuff that you do with wax and candles.

Fire Starter
This mini fire log ($.88) could be used in its entirety to start one fire in horrible conditions, or cut into pieces to start many fires under other conditions. I don’t have any other clever uses for this brick of sawdust and naphtha, it just starts firesa€”really well.

Picture Wire
I really like this charcoal gray/black 20-gauge wire ($1.97). Its matte finish allows it to virtually disappear from sight. It could serve double-duty as small-game snares and as an invisible trip line for bigger critters.

Auto Duct Tape
UV-resistant and ultra-strong, automotive duct tape ($5.97) isn’t just for keeping your broken bumper attached to your car a little longer. It can excel at any of the jobs that duct tape is famous for, which is pretty much everything.

Ever pick up a survival-minded bargain at Wally World? Tell us all about it in the comments.