Amazon Cyber Monday Deal: Anova Culinary Sous Vide

Sous vides make a great gift for the wild game cook on your list. Get the Anova Sous Vide on sale at Amazon

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Cooking the perfect medium-rare backstrap is easy with an Anova Culinary Sous Vide. All you have to do is set your sous vide in a pot of water, set the temp to 120 degrees, put your meat in a sealed vacuum bag or gallon ziplock, place it in the water, and wait. I’ll usually put it in around lunchtime, and the backstrap will stay at 120 degrees until I’m ready to eat it. The best part is, the longer you leave it in the sous vide, the more tender it gets, and it’ll better absorb the seasoning. It’s like slow-cooking meat, but it stays medium-rare. When you’re ready to eat, take the backstrap out of the vacuum bag and sear it on high heat in oil or butter—a few minutes on each side is all you need. Let it rest and enjoy.

You can also use a sous vide for eggs, chicken, turkey, and anything you want to cook at a precise temperature. A sous vide takes the guesswork out of cooking and makes timing meals much easier. During Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale, you can get one of the best sous vides from Anova for $60 off. The Anova Sous Vide also has WiFi and connects to your phone via the Anova app to control and monitor your sous vide remotely. Get the Anova Sous Vide for $139 and free shipping for Prime members this Cyber Monday.