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Updated Oct 17, 2021 10:57 PM

Having the best cordless screwdriver will make your screwing and drilling jobs easier, period. They do most jobs faster and more securely than conventional screwdrivers and reduce the frequency of stripped screw heads. Many also can drill holes with similar results to that of a plug-in electric drill.

There are many cordless screwdrivers available today, in different sizes and functions. This guide will help you find the best type of power screwdriver for you, along with suggestions of several top cordless screwdriver models.

Different types of cordless screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers come in several different configurations:

  • Straight line cordless screwdrivers are held in much the same manner as conventional screwdrivers. They’re great for many screwing tasks, but don’t excel at drilling. 
  • Pistol-type electric screwdrivers are held like one would hold a handgun and operated by pulling a trigger, also much like a firearm. Many of these are screwdriver/drill units that can also be used for a wide range of drilling jobs, from small to large. 
  • Right angle cordless screwdrivers look much similar to an electric ratchet, with a long handle and a short head. They’re especially useful when you need to loosen or tighten screws in tight areas where the other two types of screwdrivers can’t reach.

To choose the best cordless screwdriver, you need to know what you plan to use it for most often, and if you’ll ever use it as a drill. You’ll also need to set a budget before shopping, as cordless screwdrivers are available at a wide variety of prices. Read on to narrow down your search.

The General Purpose Cordless Screwdriver

A basic electric screwdriver will help you accomplish many tasks around the house easier and more efficiently. They don’t have to be extra powerful to get the job done, nor do they need to cost hundreds of dollars.

If you’re going to be doing household chores and not taking the cordless screwdriver to a worksite, look for a simple yet somewhat powerful model that can screw and also has the ability to drill holes, because you might need to take on that task at some time, also. Models with long-running chargeable lithium-ion batteries will serve you best because they run much longer on a single charge than models with other types of batteries.

Best All-Around Cordless Screwdriver: Black & Decker Drill/Driver



With a lithium-ion battery that can give you 18 hours of use with one charge, this screwdriver/drill will always be ready to put to work. The unit’s 24-position clutch prevents stripping and overdriving screws by providing an extra level of control, and the soft-grip handle gives added comfort during use. Plus, an included assortment of 30 different accessories will have you prepared to tackle a number of household jobs.

The Compact Cordless Screwdriver

A small screwdriver is great to have around the house. You can tuck it into a drawer for quick access, and many are small enough to toss in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

A good small power screwdriver is small enough to store easily, yet still strong enough to get the job done. Most cordless screwdrivers that meet this category are straight line screwdrivers, although some pistol-style drivers/drills are being made in more diminutive sizes.

Best Small Cordless Screwdriver: Populo Electric Screwdriver 



This cordless screwdriver is suitable for light-duty work such as bicycle repair, electrical maintenance, and switch installation. A built-in LED work light adds convenience, and 32 different screwdriver bits are included. Its USB port means it can be charged from your laptop, power bank, or even via a car charger. 

The Cordless Drill Driver

Big jobs—those involving screwing and drilling—require a more powerful cordless screwdriver. In this case, we’re usually talking about pistol-style screwdrivers, i.e. drill drivers— combination drills and screwdrivers.

While power is important, be sure to consider weight when looking for a screwdriver for drilling and other big jobs. A heavy, bulky drill driver is harder to hold steady, and the size can make it less convenient to use. However, they are very powerful and will handle big drilling jobs. Some heavy-duty units are quite pricey, but big jobs take quality tools. Don’t skimp pennies when shopping in this category.

Best Cordless Screwdriver For Drilling And Other Big Jobs: DeWalt 20 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver 



The compact design of this drill allows it to fit into tight areas, and the high-speed transmission delivers two different speeds to handle a range of fastening and drilling applications (typically that means a low speed for driving screws and a high speed for drilling). 

The right angle screwdriver for specialty jobs

While not everyone will need a right angle cordless screwdriver in their tool collection if a situation occurs where they need one they’ll be glad if they have one on hand. These units look like an electric ratchet, with the socket that accepts the driver head/drill bits on the side, at the top.

Right angle cordless screwdrivers are extremely useful for screwing or unscrewing screws and bolts in tight, hard-to-reach places where the handle on a screwdriver would get in the way, and a drill driver wouldn’t fit at all. These are also more comfortable to use when drilling or driving over your head.

Best Right Angle Cordless Screwdriver: DeWalt Right Angle Drill Driver



This right-angle driver/drill is as powerful as many pistol-style models. It features dual speed ranges so you can operate it at whatever speed suits the job. The compact front-to-back length allows users to fit it into hard-to-reach spaces, and the multi-grip trigger angle is comfortable and convenient. 

Budget Cordless Screwdrivers: What you get for less than $25

Many cordless screwdrivers don’t cost much but beware because some budget models are made cheaply. Other low-priced screwdrivers are just as well-built and efficient as more expensive ones but don’t offer super high power or variable speeds.

Best Cheap Cordless Screwdriver: Skil Rechargeable Cordless Screwdriver



This cordless screwdriver’s lithium-ion battery keeps it charged for an extended period of time, and charging is easy with any USB port. A built-in dual LED light lets you see what you’re working on in dark corners or closets. This reasonably priced model even includes a handy storage case, as well as an accessories kit with a variety of blades and bits.


Q: What is the best cordless screwdriver to buy?

The best cordless screwdriver for you depends on how you will be using it. If you do various jobs that require both drilling and screwing, a powerful pistol-style screwdriver is probably your best bet. If you just need to tighten a screw now and then, a more budget-friendly straight-line model will get the job done just fine.

Q: Can you drill a hole with a cordless screwdriver?

Most cordless screwdrivers can drill a hole, although some are much better at it than others. If you plan to use your cordless screwdriver for a lot of drilling, get a pistol-style model or a drill driver with more than one-speed settings. 

Q: How do I choose a cordless screwdriver?

First, ask yourself what you’ll be doing with it–driving screws only, or drilling and screwing. Next, figure out where you’ll be using it—in tight corners or out in the open. Also, be honest about how much weight you can comfortably hold. Once these questions are answered, you can narrow your search. 

A final tip on the best cordless screwdrivers

Cordless screwdrivers have made any jobs involving screwing or drilling much, much easier. They come in a wide variety of styles and power. But remember that these are larger than manual screwdrivers, so think about what size you’re most comfortable handling before buying.