Gorilla-Lift 2-Sided Tailgate Lift Assist
Even a few inexpensive improvements can make your trailer safer and easier to operate. Gorilla-Lift

A utility trailer is one of the most useful “luxury” toys any outdoorsman can own. From removing yard waste to hauling tree stands, coolers, tables, and other essentials to deer camp, a utility trailer literally pulls its own weight every single time you use it. But it’s also heavy and cumbersome to manage. Here are three trailer accessories that will make using your trailer easier and safer every time.

Easy to Use

Raise and lower this one simply and safely. Gorilla-Lift

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A trailer gate is basically a giant mousetrap waiting to smash whatever is under its swing. Lowering the gate doesn’t have to be a tap dance to get out of the way. Just install a gate lift. They are available for mounting on a single rail or both, but either way they make raising and lowering a heavy trailer gate easy and safe.

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Your spine will thank you for using a dolly. MaxxHaul

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Even an empty utility trailer is heavy enough to present problems moving by hand, and no one likes to hitch up to the truck just to move a few feet. Solve the problem with a trailer dolly. They are not only helpful with moving a full utility trailer, but also boat trailers as well.

Operates in Seconds

An aftermarket wheeled model can make it much easier to drop off or hook up your gear. Reese Towpower

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Not all utility trailers come with a jack stand on the neck. Not to worry. An aftermarket manual jack stand raises out of the way while on the road and then lowers into position to raise the trailer coupler off the hitch without causing anyone a hernia. No more straddling the neck and risking a hernia just to get the trailer off your truck.