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The New Must-Have Companion for Outdoor Adventurers

Portable satellite antennas from DISH Outdoors let you stay connected to live sports, news, and the weather – no matter where your travels take you.

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Summer is almost here, which means hunting, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors with friends & family. And you may be surprised to hear what the best companion to your adventures is – TV that goes anywhere you go.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but let your adventurous spirit try something new and you won’t regret it. Taking the best of TV entertainment with you on your hunting, fishing and camping trips can be a great complement to your time outdoors. It lets you and your friends or family stay connected to the outside world when you want to be, on your own terms.

dish playmaker on a camping trip
Watch TV outside, even off the grid. No internet or cell signal needed. Dish Outdoors
  • Weekend hunting trips can cause you to miss out on the big conference games or rivalries during football season. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between hunting big game and catching the big game. After filling your tag, DISH Outdoors is waiting for you back at the cabin with live game in HD.

  • Adventuring through trails can take you to unexplored territory, places far off the grid which can take you out of cell phone range. The technology is not the issue, since disconnecting from the outside world is one of the reasons for your adventure, but checking the weather can be vital to plan ahead. Fortunately, the Playmaker® portable satellite antenna works without Wi-Fi or cell signal. Local weather forecasts can be viewed virtually anywhere. Knowing the weather forecast ensures that you’re prepped with exactly what you need to enjoy every hiking day.

portable dish playmaker in the bed of a red truck
Portable, rugged design makes for easy packing. Dish Outdoors
  • Downtime can be just as important as your active adventures – nothing beats relaxing at your campsite or in your RV after a long day of doing what you love outdoors. After kayaking down the rapids, scaling mountains to view an amazing sight, or trying to make that big catch out on the lake, catching up on your favorite shows is the perfect way to unwind after an adrenaline-packed day. DISH Outdoors portable satellite antennas – like the DISH Playmaker® – are compact and lightweight (under 10 pounds), so they’re easy to bring along on any adventure and fit right in with the rest of your gear. Plus, they’re

  • Easy to set-up, in 15 minutes or less you’re watching your favorite TV live in HD.

camping trip with dish outdoors
Never miss a moment – catch the big game live in HD no matter where you roam. Dish Outdoors

Life’s all about balance, and TV from DISH Outdoors does a great job of complementing an adventurous lifestyle without replacing or distracting from the outdoor vibes. Plus, at the end of the season, you can easily turn off your DISH Outdoors subscription, so you are only paying for the months you use. These are only a few examples of how TV can make your outdoor adventures even better. Discover yours. Visit for more details and to purchase your own portable satellite antenna today.

man carrying dish playmaker behind a truck
TV as flexible as your travel plans – only pay for the months you use. Dish Outdoors
man carrying a dish playmaker
Portable, lightweight design. Dish Outdoors