Farewell to Summer

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Mary Roberts
Mary uses the summer months to fine-tune her archery skills. As a sponsored woman on the competitive archery scene and an idol to female and male shooters alike, Mary's a good role model.
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Mary is an avid deer hunter and competitive shooter. She tries to get out to the archery range every day.
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Mary got into 3D target shooting because she loved the precision and perfectionist aspect of archery. For more Mary photos click here.
As Mary says, "3D archery is huge in Oklahoma." She says 3D ranges there cater to organizations such as the ASA (Archery Shooters Association) and NASP. As a result, Oklahoma hosts some of the most challenging 3D archery tournaments in the country.
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Mary prefers Mathews Bows, and particularly, she shoots a Mathews Reezen 6.5. For more Mary photos click here.
Brittney Young
This Mississippi girl spends her summer grabblin and fishing.
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Hunting and fishing had been in Brittney's blood from the start. Her grandmother was a fishing guide for years on Kentucky Lake. She was known far and wide as "Guiding Granny."
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"I grew to love the outdoors and every aspect of it at a very very young age and it never changed and to be honest I think the older I get the more I love it and the more it means to me," Brittney says.
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Brittney's shark weighed more than 200 pounds. For More Brittney photos click here.
Katie Pipp
Katie is an all around outdoorswoman. Her summer days are spent bass fishing and carp shooting. For more Katie photos click here.
"I fish for pretty much everything in Wisconsin," Katie says.
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Katie is also a member of the Droptine Divas team, a group of women who promote fair-chase do-it-yourself deer hunting. For more Katie photos click here.
Kristy Lee Cook
Kristy, a former American Idol singer, made news this summer with her new hunting show called Goin' Country. For more Kristy photos click here.
The show focuses on her goal to be a hit musician and her passion for the outdoors.
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For Kristy, an Oregon native, combining hunting and country music made perfect sense: "Hunting is really about being in the outdoors. Country music is about being country and being a country person. So it just makes sense that people who live in the country like country music and they like hunting. Country music just explains real life stuff," Kristy says. For more Kristy photos click here.
Her show aired in August.
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Dr. Julie Ball
Julie had quite a summer this year and hauled in some great fish.
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The Virginia native is one of the top saltwater anglers on the East Coast.
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Julie caught a 74-pound record cobia this summer.
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Corey Cogdell
Corey is an olympic trapshooter and a bronze medalist from the 2008 Summer Games.
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She was born in Alaska and grew up hunting big game before she was introduced to competitive trap shooting.
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"I liked seeing something explode instead of just punching a hole in paper," Corey says.
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Now she has her sights set on the 2012 games and has been training hard at the range all summer.
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Tarpon Tourney The 2010 Woman's Professional Tarpon Tournament was a summer event held in Boca Grande, Florida.
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Tournament angler Lindsey Bush waiting for a bite.
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The tournament draws hundreds of anglers each year and some of the teams are more creative with their uniforms.
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Tami Curtis
Tami had a busy summer fishing professional bass tournaments around the country.
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She's been bass a serious bass angler for a decade, and now she spends about 150 days on the water each year.
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Fish Faces
What would summer be without OL's Fish Face gallery? Here's Lindsay Nash with a bonnethead caught in Marathon (Florida Keys). For more Fish Face photos click here.
Sara Clark with a 23 1/2-inch wahoo caught off the coast of Ocracoke. For more Fish Face photos click here.
Savannah Baucom fished the 2010 Babes on the Bay Tournament. For more Fish Face photos click here.
Sallie Ann Simsand and her dorado caught off the coast of Cabo For more Fish Face photos click here.
Amy Zeitz enjoying some catch-and-release fishing for redfish in Seabrook Island, SC. For more Fish Face photos click here.
Monica Aguilar from Heredia, Costa Rica, caught this tarpon on a Rapala April 15 while fishing at Barra Colorado. For more Fish Face photos click here.
"I normally catch the biggest fish on the boat. However, during our trip to Costa Rica this past November while trying to catch some rooster bait I ended up catching the prettiest dolphin," says Ericka Ramko. For more Fish Face photos click here.
Wendy Erneston Rider For more Fish Face photos click here.
Summer Research
Brendal Davis spent her summer working on shark research.
So long summer. We'll be thinking about you during all those cold, lonely evenings in the deer stand.