Fish America: Best Photos

A beautiful brown from the white. White River, Colorado.
Boca Beauty Boca Grande Florida
Overnighter Blues. Blue shark, canyons off Long Island.
Death Valley sunset. California
Shadows on the Canyon. Grand Canyon, Arizona.
Ice Fishing. Greg Thomas, Montana.
Yosemite Waterfall.
Perfect Landing. Lake Sebago, Maine.
Key West sunset. Key West, Florida.
"The End" Montauk, New York. Mike Coppola.
"Last walking stick, I promise dad." John and Shane Kobald, Colorado.
Watch the backcast. Flagstaff, Arizona. Corey Slater.
Grey Morning. Dylan Rose, Puget Sound Seattle.
Crosswalk. Jackson, Wyoming.
Little wonders. Virginia.
The pacific has no memory. California Coast.
Grand Lake Land Locked Salmon. Grand Lake Stream, Maine
Morning commute. Yellowstone National Park
A moment for reflection. Lake Powell, Arizona.
One way. Mobile, Alabama.
Silver King. Robbie's, Islmorada, Florida.
Sausolito Sunrise. San Francisco Harbor.
As cold as it looks. Montana.
Turning around. Cape Flattery Washington, Northwesternmost point in the contintental United States.
Swing Skies. Oregon.
Cold Sun. Sun Valley, Idaho.
A resting hero. Ketchum, Idaho.
Here for the Fireworks. Washington, D.C., 4th of July.
Raise 'em right. White River, Colorado. Shane Kobald.
Sticky sharp. Bighorn River, Montana.
Last light on the White. White River, Arkansas
Quick Hands. Jared Koenigsfeld. Grand Lake Stream, Maine.
Staring contest. Yellowstone National Park, Montana.
Brown Trout. Massachusetts.
Desert Sky. Arizona
True at First Light. Cape Cod.
Waiting it out. South Padre Island, Texas.
Rainbow on ice. Greg Thomas, Madison River, Montana.
Breach. Massachusetts
Good Grab. Connecticut
Keep Up! Yellowstone National Park, Montana.
He saw the boat. New Hampshire
Running colors Mahi, North Carolina.
Striper surface blitz Maryland.
Hurricane of Light. Yosemite, California.
Keys Sunrise. Islamorada, Florida.
Atlantic Sunrise. Virginia
Harbor Light. San Diego, California.
Golden Evening. Maryland.
Liquid Headlights. Arizona desert.
Sunrise largemouth. Texas
Running mate. North Carolina.
Chesapeake sky. Maryland.
Sunspot. Louisiana.
Goodnight. Texas Gulf Coast.
Pike pattern. New York
The moss is greener. Olympic National Park, Washington.
Bighorn. Jackson, Wyoming.
Spawning Chum. Green River, Washington.
Urban Anglers. Seattle, Washington.
Heading in. Islamorada, Florida.
Georgia Sunrise. Lake Lanier, Georgia.
The End of the road. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
All lit up. Las Vegas, Nevada.

There are a thousand reasons why it's worth it to, at least once, drive across America. Here's my best attempt to do some justice to the breathtaking stuff out there, these are my favorite photos from Fish America. Hope you enjoy.