Facebook Fan of the Month: Katie Pipp

Katie shot this 140-inch, 10-point buck in 2008. She hunts with a .308 Remington that was given to her by her dad and was passed down by her grandfather. Check out last month's Facebook Fan of the Month >>
She's also an accomplished bass angler and has fished all over the Badger state.
"I fish for pretty much everything in Wisconsin," Katie says.
Katie is a member of the Droptine Divas team, a group of women who promote fair-chase do-it-yourself deer hunting.
For the past three years the team has been filming deer hunting videos all over the country. Katie got this buck during a filmed hunt near Black River Falls, WI.
Shelly Seiler (left) started and owns the Droptine Divas.
Katie regularly hunts with her boyfriend Alan Dosedla. On this hunt she even stood in as a camerawoman.
Some guys have all the luck. Nice going Alan!
Katie also shoots carp with her bow.
Here she connected with a nice fish on the Black River.
Katie's first tom with a bow.
"I've been hunting turkeys for five years ... I've got four so far," Katie says.
Katie with a monster walleye.
The fish measured just over 31 inches.
At 22 years old, Katie is ready to start hunting outside her home state. "I'm going bear hunting pretty soon ... I always wanted to go elk hunting, that would be so cool," she says.
A pair of nice crappies.
"I've been bowhunting since I was 12, I like bowhunting better than gun hunting because it's more rewarding," Katie says.
The Droptine Divas go to outdoor shows around the country to promote their group. "[Women] come up to us and even if they don't hunt, they see our booth and they're like awe, that's really cool," Katie says. "There's not really a lot of groups like ours."
Diva owner Shelly Seiler with a buck and it's two previous sheds. The Divas are planning to be featured in a new show on the Sportsman's Channel called "Workin' for Whitetails" in 2011. "It is women hosted and the majority of the hunts are by women, but most importantly we focus on the family aspect and tradition of hunting and getting kids involved in the sport. Without kids to carry on the sport, it will die," Seiler says.
Droptine Diva's host and co-owner Tara Seiler with a buck she took during the archery season.
Nikki Dockter with a buck she killed in Montana.
Prostaff member Jen Nolte with a Minnesota buck she arrowed on film in 2008.
Prostaff member Autumn Pease
"Some guys see us and are kind of rude. They don't take us seriously," Katie says about the Droptine Divas. "But most guys are pretty cool with it."
"I got my first deer when I was 12, a tiny doe, but I didn't care. Hunting and fishing are like all I do now," Katie says.
For more information on the Droptine Divas check out:www.droptinedivas.com