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Yelp at ‘Em!

HS Strut Expert Edge 2-Pack
Includes the E-Z Rasp, Stagger 3 and Raspy Old Hen calls, as well as an instructional CD. [ $10; ]
Quaker Girl Mini Mag 3-Pac
Designed for callers with smaller palates. Includes Double, Old Boss Hen and V-Cut diaphragms. Proceeds help fight breast cancer. [ $15; ]
3 Knight & Hale Judgment Day Pro Pack
This trifecta features designs by pros Chris Parrish (Preacher), Rod Pettit (Peacemaker) and Mark Prudhomme (Prosecutor). [ $20; ]
Woodhaven Stinger Pro Series
Three custom designs from Doug Benefield, Scott Ellis and Mitchell Johnson. [ $27; ]
Tom Teasers Pro Series
This three-pack was designed by Jay Gregory, and includes the Blood Cut, Bad Girl and Meat Call. [ $26; ]
MAD Classic Aluminator and 1-Piece Exotic Striker
Hit the high notes with this new aluminum call. The striker (sold separately) runs true on all pot surfaces. [ $40, $18; ]
Tom Teasers Dominant Hen
This custom slate call (also available in glass) features a black walnut pot, paired with a one-piece, hand-turned striker. [ $55; ]
Southland Yellow Heart Crystal
Combining yellow heartwood and high-grade crystal, this custom friction call will have you cutting and clucking like a pro. [ $90; ]
Zink Power Hen Thunder Ridge
Available in aluminum, crystal and slate, these calls feature a striker conditioner on the back of the injection-molded pot. [ $30; ]
Primos Lil' Jack
This mini pot generates big sound, thanks to high-frequency glass, purple heartwood and a custom laminate striker. [ $30; ]
Quaker Girl Triple Threat
You get three friction calls in one, with aluminum, slate and plexi surfaces. [ $30; ]
Commando Combo and Smart Strike II
Includes one metal pot and two surfaces (slate and glass). The striker (sold separately) doubles as a peacock locator call. [ $25, $20; ]
HS Strut Squealing Hen
For the gobbler who's heard it all. This call imitates the sound made by a breeding hen. [ $22; ]
Knight & Hale Ultimate Fighting Purr
Rotate the spindle to rub the striker plates against two wooden points, creating realistic fighting purr sounds. [ $30; ]
MAD Shady Lady
A mahogany box and purple heartwood lid produce a wide range of calls. [ $50; ]
Knight & Hale Tirade
Rotating the plastic dial inside the chamber causes magnets to expand and constrict the side walls, changing the pitch and tone. [ $45; ]
Primos Lil' Hot Box
This palm-size call mates a mahogany box and custom laminate paddle for big, crisp sounds. [ $35; ]