Small Game Hunting

How to bag more squirrels, rabbits, and hares, plus the gear you need to do it. Find small-game hunting tips and tactics from Outdoor Life.



Americans hunt small game more than any other critters you can buy a license for. So Outdoor Life takes its small-game hunting seriously. Sure, squirrel and rabbit hunts are great opportunities to bring new hunters and kids into the field. These outings teach the basics of gun safety and serve as gateway hunts to deer and turkeys. But small game hunting isn't just for rookies, and any veteran rabbit hunter who owns a couple good beagles knows this. 

So we're bringing you advanced tips and tactics and reviews on the best new hunting gear for chasing rabbits, squirrels, and hares. Our stories will help you put more critters in the bag, which is a good thing, because rabbit and squirrel is about the best eating wild game scurrying around the woods. We've also got you covered on butchering tips and the best recipes to help you take your small game from the field to the table.