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Rabbit Skinning Made Easy

These five simple steps show you how to skin a rabbit the easy way
Outdoor Life Online Editor

Step 1: Break the skin
Hold the rabbit by the back legs and gather a bunch of skin around an ankle. Twist this skin until it breaks.

Step 2: Get the skin off
Pull the skin down off of the leg. Repeat the process on the other leg. Now work from the rabbit’s hips to its head.

Step 3: Remove extremities
Use game shears to remove the rabbit’s feet and head.

Step 4: Take the guts out
Make a cut along the rabbit’s belly through the rib cage and pelvis. Open the sides of the belly and grasp the windpipe below the severed neck and pull it out.

Step 5: Butcher the meat
Cut under the shoulder blades for the front legs and through the hip sockets for the back legs. For the tenderloins, cut the belly flaps away on both sides. Next, cut through the spine below the rib cage and above the hips on the other end.