Reel-Time Training

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Casting a fishingrod might seem simple, but it actually involves a multitude of upper-bodymuscles. Try these exercises three times a week to make longer, more accuratecasts. Look for more sets of exercises, focusing on other outdoor activities,in upcoming issues.

STANDING TRICEPSPRESS Stand with your feet about hip width apart. Grip an unweighted EZ-curl bar withan overhand grip and place the bar straight overhead (Fig. 1). With your elbowsstationary and close to your ears, lower the bar by bending your elbows behindyour head (Fig. 2). Then return to the starting position. For a variation onthis move that also works the obliques, twist through the torso as you lowerthe bar and return to neutral on the way back up, alternating from side toside.

STANDING TWIST Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Place a broom handle or light baracross your shoulders, holding it comfortably (Fig. 1). Twist to one side asfar as you can while keeping your head focused straight ahead. Then twist inthe opposite direction (Fig. 2). Keep full control at all points of themove.

REVERSE BARBELLCURL With hands shoulder width apart and hanging in front of you, grab a barbellwith an overhand grip (Fig. 1). Keeping your elbows locked into your sides,curl the bar toward your chest using a curling motion of the wrist (Fig. 2).Slowly lower the bar into the start position.