Amberjack are infamous battlers and can wear out even the most hardened anglers.
Amberjack are infamous battlers and can wear out even the most hardened anglers. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ball with a 50-inch redfish taken in July 2004 aboard the Spoiled Rotten. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Amberjack are infamous battlers and can wear out even the most hardened anglers. Outdoor Life Online Editor
When Virginia’s offshore yellowfin bite catches fire, you can bet that Dr. Ball will be there to get in on the action. Outdoor Life Online Editor
An ace of spade(fish), Dr. Ball heft another Citation entry. Outdoor Life Online Editor
In mid-May, Ball headed for the Eastern Shore shoals and got on a big time drum roll-both red and black drum to be precise. This stud black drum tipped the scales at 72 pounds and was released. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Next up was Julie’s awesome 48-inch redfish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Who says that flounder fishing is boring? This huge Citation doormat topped out at 11 pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor
While you were enjoying your Memorial Day barbecue, Julie was deep-dropping for blueline tilefish. The two biggest fish went better than 17 pounds. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Another Citation tilefish comes alongside. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Julie looks none the worse for wear after her tilefish deep-drop considering it sometimes takes baits two full minutes to hit bottom. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Not too many anglers scoff at sheepshead when they come up this big. Outdoor Life Online Editor
What can be better than catching a few Citation-worthy spadefish? Doing so with your mom! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Proud anglers with a couple of smoker kings. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Julie with an armful of king mackerel. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ball making short work of an amberjack. To see Dr. Julie Ball’s weekly fishing reports and more visit: Outdoor Life Online Editor

The doctor is in! Virgina’s Dr. Julie Ball may not look like an “Old Salt,” but she most definitely is one (save for the “Old” part perhaps). Ball, a United States Coast Guard dentist is regarded in many circles as one of the top saltwater anglers on the East Coast- and she’s got the honors to prove it. In 1996, for example, she became the first woman to earn Expert Level Angler status in the Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament. Since then she’s caught multiple world records and has earned Virginia Citation Awards for more than 40 fish species. Here are some of her many trophy fish…