Three Features to Consider Before Buying Kitchen Shears

A stout pair of scissors are great tools wherever you’re cooking, processing meat, or tackling any other task that requires heavy cutters.

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A pair of kitchen shears is the multi-tool of any kitchen, serving a wide variety of tasks from cutting butcher’s string for binding a roast to spatchcocking a whole chicken or grouse. They are also useful in the field for processing tasks, such as de-winging a game bird (think pheasant) or breaking down tough critters like squirrels. Consider these features when looking to add an indispensable item to your culinary and wild-game utensil drawer.

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From the blade to the handle, a pair of kitchen shears is stouter than regular household scissors. The blades can withstand more pressure for cutting through cartilage and even small bones, therefore the handle should be wide and sturdy enough to apply that force without hand fatigue or bruising.

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On a heavy pair of shears, spring-loaded handles make it easier to manage the tool without fumbling. Because kitchen shears are prone to gathering more food particles and grime, look for blades than can be separated and tossed into the dishwasher individually.

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Shears can handle everything from slicing through a deer sternum to gently dicing fresh parsley or a can of whole tomatoes. A pair of shears with a built-in bottle opener or gripper means you can enjoy a tasty beverage while your meal is in the oven!