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Three Features You Need in an ATV Cover

If you store your ride outside, a cover will keep the rain, sun, and other elements from shortening its lifespan.
Covered ATV
An ATV cover can protect your machine’s paint, seat, and other components from weathering away. Indeed BUY

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The utility of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) around the home, farm, or camp is undeniable, so it’s an investment worth protecting. Other than regular abuses dished out on the trail, the biggest threat to an ATV is the sun and rain while in storage. Even under a covered porch or shelter, moisture and UV rays can break down a vehicle’s seat padding, fuel lines, plastic fenders, and more. Protect your ATV with an economical and waterproof cover tailored to fit any sized four-wheeler. Here are a few things to look for in an ATV cover.

Multiple Sizes

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Many covers are sold in small, medium, or large variations, so measure the height, length, and width of your four-wheeler before committing. You want a cover that will extend most of the way to the wheelbase with an elastic hem or drawstring to snug down excess fabric.

Trailer Safe

Easy-Access Panel

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Zippered openings allow access to the gas tank and other areas while in storage. A cover with adjustable side buckles also forms a kind of gusset conforming to the vehicle so the cover will stay on while trailering. That’s great both for security and for protecting your ATV from highway debris and grime.

Also Consider

Storage Bag Included

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When the cover is not in use, it’s great to have a separate bag for storage. Stashing the cover in its own bag will increase the lifespan of the protective fabric and make it easier to stow and keep track of the cover while you are getting ‘er done out on the trail.