Three Storage Solutions for Home or Camp

A small shed is easy to build and a terrific home for gear or tools that are getting crowded out of your garage.

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Adequate storage is an issue in most homes of average size. Space becomes even more of a premium for sportsmen trying to warehouse all of the toys, tools, and gadgets of the modern outdoor lifestyle. Short of offloading some inventory (never!), the only option is to add storage. For those lacking the time or experience to frame up a shed of their own, a prefabricated building is likely the best solution. Here are a few ways to think about using a mail-order storage building.

Small (4’x6’)

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Sheds in the 4-foot by 6-foot range are perfect for hanging rakes, shovels, and other handled lawn equipment. They can serve as a kid’s playroom, a potting shed, or even a coop for laying hens. A small resin-fabricated shed is a simple way to add just a small amount of covered storage where lawn space is at an absolute premium.

Medium (8’x10’)

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For storing power tools, lawn equipment, fertilizers, feed, and other bulky items, look for a shed in the 8-foot by 10-foot range. That’s the size at which you’ll have room to begin thinking about the structure as a shop as much as a shed.

Large (8’x15’)

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For the ultimate man cave or she shed, an 8-foot by 15-foot commercial building gives you all the room necessary to organize lawn supplies and power equipment and still have enough room to set up a work bench. Pour a concrete slab first, or assemble the shed on a wooden deck, then add shelving, power, and even water to create a self-sufficient space for home maintenance, DIY projects, or sporting pursuits.