3 Camp Tables for Every Occasion

Whether you’re pitching camp ten feet from your truck tailgate or sleeping on the ground miles from a trailhead, a camp table can make life easier

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Most people go afield to get away from the trappings of civilized life, not to drag them with us. So, taking a table into the woods seems about as antithetical to the experience as packing in a four-poster bed. But let’s face it, preparing a meal in the outdoors is easier with a stable platform. There’s no balancing act on a log or rock, and after you’ve spent time whipping up your favorite bankside or campground repast, it’s just more refined to enjoy it off of a proper table. Here are a few options to elevate your outdoor dining without weighing down the chuck wagon.


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If you are looking for an easy way to set up a platform for cooking, serving, food prep, or even a little mobile workstation, a traditional one-piece folding table offers excellent convenience and stability. This style of table folds up on itself like a slim little suitcase and is as portable as any piece of camp gear. There are no separate parts to keep track of or maintain; just unfold it and get cooking!

Some Assembly Required

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Multi-piece tables make carrying a large surface area more feasible than one-piece designs. The framework and tabletop break down into separate sections that can be further collapsed in on themselves to conserve space. It is one more piece to keep track of, but the ratio of working area to storage size is much higher than it is with one-piece folding tables.

Light Dining

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The same technology used in full-size tables is also available in ultralight versions. While they are not necessarily something you’d want to take on a ten-day backpacking trip, lightweight mini-tables are an excellent addition to any car-camping or RVing expedition. They offer an extra work surface space wherever you need it, and versions with an aluminum tabletop make an excellent fire-resistant cook surface.