If you went to asporting-goods shop in the 1970s looking for specialized turkey gear, about allyou’d find would be a dusty old box call. But as turkey-hunter numbers continueto grow, so does the range of the outdoor industry’s offerings. Here are someof the latest items to hit the shelves.

CARRY-LITE PRETTYBOY DECOY This full-strut gobbler is about as convincing as it gets. The painted decoycomes with a photorealistic tail, or you can insert an actual fan in the rearslot. Set includes breeding hen and bag. ($130; 479-782-8971;

CHAMPION VISICOLORTARGETS When hit by pellets, these turkey targets create multicolored halos to indicatestrikes in and around the head and neck vital zone. Sold in packs of 10. ($10;800-635-7656;

H.S. STRUT TWINPAN HOLSTER This camouflaged, neoprene holster holds two slate calls at once. Twin exteriorsleeves keep strikers handy. Attaches to belt via a webbed loop or snap ring.($13; 319-395-0321;

GERBER BLADES Parrish Bird Knife’s compact 2.9-inch blade and Take-A-Part Game Shears makecleaning your bird a snap. ($30, $14; 800-950-6161;

GOBBLIN’THUNDER Kick’s Gobblin’ Thunder choke tubes range from .640-inch to .720-inchconstrictions for most shotguns. ($67; 800-587-2779;

SHOOTER’S RIDGEPOD The adjustable Gun Spike features a molded hand piece, cupped rest and pointedend for staking. ($17; 800-635-7656;

WALKER’S EARMUFFS Four high-frequency directional mikes supported by two-channel digitalcircuitry aid long-range hearing. ($389; 800-424-1069;