Alaska Grand Slam Adventure Photos

This mature bear's claws, tipped with white ivory are gigantic! Grizzlies only show ivory tips as they grow old. Sara Mayti

Our grand slam adventure began in Anchorage on a clear, cold day. Want to win your own Grand Slam Adventure? Continue through the gallery to find out how. Sara Mayti
Our first order of business was to get the hunter's tags and license signed and stamped. Sara Mayti
The group awaits clearance from the small airport in Willow, AK, to take off into the wilderness. The trip was organized by Chris Batin. For information on booking your own trip to Alaska contact Chris at Sara Mayti
Brandon Steele, winner of the Outdoor Life's Alaskan Grand Slam Adventure checks the zero on his Remington Model 700 XCR 338 Win Mag while waiting for the flight. Sara Mayti
Alaska's pristine country looks its best in the yellow hues of the fall season from our small airplane. Sara Mayti
The small plane takes off on its return flight to Willow just as the sun sets on our camp. Sara Mayti
The rough climate and terrain of the most northern state requires official rugged gear. Outer wear from River's West in RealTree camo kept everyone warm and dry. Sara Mayti
The Grand Slam hunt started out with a bang when Brandon's trophy caribou went down. Sara Mayti
Brandon was wishing for a double-shovel bull and got just that in this fine trophy. Sara Mayti
As soon as we skinned the caribou, our guide Mike "Buck" Bowden is back on the glass. Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters guide service,, provided top-notch professional guide services. Sara Mayti
The carcass of the caribou, mounted with a high orange flag, will sit as bait for a possible brown bear. Sara Mayti
Brandon's hunt is off to a great start by filling his caribou tag on the morning of first day. Sara Mayti
The plane comes in to retrieve the caribou's meat for the processor. It takes off in a matter of minutes. Sara Mayti
After a great day in the field, our camp retires around a Coleman lantern. No fires yet, we do not want to scare the bears. Sara Mayti
Early in the morning, we begin our search for a prize grizzly. Sara Mayti
We forge through Alaska's wilderness the only way we can, with rubber boots, wool gloves, and Remington rifles. Making sure that waders fit properly is critical as hunters will spend days in them. Those provided by LaCrosse for this trip proved both comfortable to wear and dry. Sara Mayti
Buck and Brandon look up into the red blueberry patches to find our bear feeding on breakfast. Sara Mayti
Though still in the last weeks of September, the snow blows over the already white peaks of the mountains. Sara Mayti
Brandon poses proudly with his new Remington at small pit stop in the middle of the woods. The rifle was topped with Nikon's Monarch 2.5-10×42 with BDC reticle. Sara Mayti
Buck Bowden of Hidden Alaska Guides and Outfitters sits in front of the humble wood cabin he constructed 30 years ago. **Want to win your own Grand Slam? Click here to enter yourself for the next adventure! Click here to continue through the Alaska pictures Sara Mayti
As the sun shines down on the valley, the men point their binoculars to the hills in search of a big brown bear. Sara Mayti
We head off into the landscape, stepping over moss-covered pebbles and saplings. Sara Mayti
The crew trudges through rivers and streams without skipping a beat. Sara Mayti
We spot a caribou in the distance at our camp. Sara Mayti
The unusually clear Alaskan sky provides a beautiful show at sunset. Sara Mayti
The golden rods blow in the changing winds as the temperature drops around us. Sara Mayti
The cold temperatures start to create icicles despite the mid day sun. Sara Mayti
Wild blueberries, one of our bear's favorite treats, grow throughout the mountain range. Sara Mayti
A caribou's antlers make a fine display against the Alaskan mountain range. Sara Mayti
Mike Strahan, our rafting and guiding expert, stops for a photograph as he packs the rafts. Mike runs Lost Creek Company. For more information visit Sara Mayti
The cold front freezes up the rivers we wade through. Sara Mayti
The gentlemen plan our path down the river. Sara Mayti
We start off down river with two goals in mind-stay dry and stay alert. Sara Mayti
The crew stays close to protect each other. In Alaska, anything can be around the river bend. Sara Mayti
A fallen tree in the river blocks our path. The only solution is to chain saw our way through. Sara Mayti
Mike walks down the river basin to find a good place to camp for the night. Sara Mayti
At daybreak, frost covers our rafts and gear. Sara Mayti
Alaskan's call the slanted trees that line the rivers "widow makers" for obvious reasons. Sara Mayti
The birches' yellow leaves steadily fall into the river with every strong gust of wind. Sara Mayti
A bear's paw print, outlined in ice, gives us a chill. **Want to win your own Grand Slam? Click here to enter yourself for the next adventure! Click here to continue through the Alaska pictures Sara Mayti
Brandon takes an afternoon break to catch a few Coho salmon. Sara Mayti
Buck rests his rifle on a log and waits at an ideal location to spot a brown bear. Sara Mayti
We manage to have good time despite the falling snow and bone-chilling winds. Sara Mayti
Though one person rows the raft, we all work as a team to navigate the waters. Sara Mayti
Another bump in the road. Sara Mayti
On our last night in camp on the river, we finally have a toasty fire. Sara Mayti
Tracy, the rafting guide, manages the choppy waters and maintains a steady speed all the way down the river. Sara Mayti
These durable rafts can perform in some of the most extreme conditions, with the right guides of course. Sara Mayti
After nearly a week on the river we dock the boats at our long-awaited destination – Hidden Alaska Outfitter's lodge. Sara Mayti
The beautiful hunting lodge is a sight for sore eyes after a week in the woods. Sara Mayti
A determined crew heads right into the high hills of this country to find the bears. Sara Mayti
We spend a long afternoon hiking through the thick brush, watching sows and cubs eating blueberries above us, but still no prize bear. Sara Mayti
We spot a nice-sized bear above us on the hill, with anticipation we wait to see if the guide thinks it's a worthy trophy. Sara Mayti
We abandon our ATVs and head up into the hills in pursuit of the bear. Sara Mayti
It's a long haul up hill, but Brandon is ready for the big bear. Sara Mayti
Buck makes quick decisions anticipating the bear's next move. Sara Mayti
Brandon smiles moments after making a great shot on his bear. Sara Mayti
The Remington Model 700 XCR in 338 Win Mag held to its reputation and delivered with precision. Sara Mayti
We followed the blood trail a short distance only to find… Sara Mayti
A beautiful brown bear with a gorgeous coat and some of the longest claws we've seen in this country. Sara Mayti
Brandon poses proudly in front of his beautiful bear, which will square somewhere close to 8 feet.. Sara Mayti
Brandon displays one of the recovered bullets. This shot passed all the way through the vitals and lodged just under the hide on the off side. Sara Mayti
The end of the trail. Brandon with his beautiful trophies. Sara Mayti
The claws of the brown bear contrast the tall spruce trees of Alaska's landscape. Sara Mayti
Buck and Brandon pose together in front of the brown bear hide. Sara Mayti
Highland cranberries are another favorite food of the bears in this area. Sara Mayti
The seaplane lands to take us back to civilization. Sara Mayti
Santa Claus vacations as a pilot in Alaska on his down time from the North Pole. **Want to win your own Grand Slam? Click here to enter yourself for the next adventure! Sara Mayti

Sweepstakes winner Brand Steele recently accompanied contributing editor Chris Batin on a 12 day hunt for brown bear, caribou and black bear through the Alaskan wilderness.