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Watch: Two Pigs Take on a Black Bear

Ham was not on the menu for this young black bear
Bob McNally Avatar

This one-minute video serves as a good reminder: Never underestimate a pig. The remarkable Facebook video post from New Haven’s WTNH-8 TV shows a good-size black bear climbing into a pig pen.

The bear lands in the enclosure where a large, all-white pig is waiting. The pig charges fast and hard, seemingly surprising the bruin with its aggressiveness. The large white pig plows into the bear several times, pushing it around inside the pen and getting the early upper hand. Then, the pig breaks off its charges, and the bear seems to regroup. At that point, a second dark-colored pig rushes out from an enclosure attached to the pen, attacking the bear.

Finally, the bear and the dark pig freeze, eyeing each other up. And at that point the bear decides two pigs are more than it can handle and climbs over the fence as the dark pig rushes makes one last charge.

But the bear doesn’t go away. It noses around a hay pile beside the pen for a while, with the pigs paying close attention from inside. Near the end of the video the bear approaches the pen a second time, but the dark pig charges to the fence, and the bear turns away.

The video was captured by a stationary Ring security camera overlooking the pen. It was sent in by Kevin David, who owns rural property near New Milford, Connecticut, which is only about 80 miles north of New York City.

The pigs—named Hammy and Mary—are heavyweights according to David and they weren’t injured during the incident. David believes the intruder was a younger bear that was searching for food around the farm, not necessarily a ham dinner.