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Three Ways to Spice Up Your BBQ Meals

Simple solutions that add zest and seal in the flavor of your favorite meats

If you aren’t spicing your beef briskets and pork butts with the right ingredients, you aren’t reaching your full pit-master potential. Sure, we all have our private sauce and rub recipes, but there are so many quality commercial products out there, sometimes it just makes more sense to take advantage of them. Here’s how to spice up your game.

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Dry rubs are meant to be massaged onto the goods well before smoking, allowing the spices to work their magic of adding flavor while also producing great “bark” on a pork butt or rack of ribs. Dry rubs impart that tell-tale smoke ring in the outer layers of meat that helps your guests fully comprehend how fortunate they are to dine in the presence of grilling greatness.

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If you struggle with keeping barbeque moist, it’s time to resort to an injection marinade. Prepared as a solution in water, broth, or even fruit juice, an injection marinade goes deep to lock in the flavor and moisture. Just keep in mind that injection methods also require some sort of syringe specifically made to handle the job, which is an extra expense.

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Even on the trail, where weight is always a consideration, you can still pack a complete arsenal of seasoning. Look for a combination spice set that includes basics such as salt, garlic salt, black and cayenne pepper, and other standards to always make sure whatever you cook is as flavorful as possible. With these handy spice packs, there’s simply no justification for eating bland food.