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Train for the West

These six cornerstones are the keys to preparing for a backcountry western hunt. Here's what you need, from guns, to gear, to conditioning.

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Riding Tips

These tips won’t guarantee hunting success, but they’ll definitely boost your confidence. And that’ll increase your chance of bringing home a trophy.

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Hunting Articles

Freakshow Buck

Outdoor Life Editor and Record Quest host Andrew McKean finally hung his tag on a dandy...

A True Griz Story

Live Hunt host Tyler Freel has the real story behind this enormous brown bear.

Best New Knives

We tracked down 12 of the best new knives for hunting, fishing, and survival. Check out...

The Coyote Camp

Hunting Editor Andrew McKean and five of his buddies spent a week chasing coyotes on...

Deadfall Buck

Close up photos of a deadfall buck spotted by Hunting Editor Andrew McKean in...

Animal Attack Stories

Often shocking, sometimes funny, but always true animal attack stories.

  • July 17, 2014

    Grouse Hunting Tips: 6 Ways to Get More Early-Season Birds - 1

    Photo by Mitch Kezar/Windigo Images

    I saw it weave left, slip right, then disappear through the auburn treetops. It’s not often you get such a clear look at an escaping grouse during the early weeks of the season, but there I was, frozen as the bird slipped through the prettiest shooting lane I’d see on the entire trip. I never pulled the trigger.

    My excuse was that I didn’t want to shoot a bird that hadn’t been pointed by the dog. The embarrassing reality is that I’d been caught off guard. It was my first grouse hunt, and I wasn’t prepared for the surprise of the flush. That was a tough lesson, but it wasn’t the only one I learned during that trip to the hallowed grouse and woodcock coverts of Wisconsin’s north country. Here are some more hits and misses that, if you’ll consider before you reach the woods, should help you bag more early-season birds. [ Read Full Post ]

  • July 17, 2014

    Win a World-Class Elk Hunt - 0

    This fall, Outdoor Life will send two readers on the elk hunt of a lifetime, for a trophy bull and a cow on New Mexico’s legendary Vermejo Park Ranch. This is no ordinary property. Owned by Ted Turner, the 584,000-acre Vermejo is managed for wildlife, especially trophy bull elk.

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  • July 17, 2014

    Video: Pennsylvania Game Commission Fits Elk with Camera Collar - 0

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission has collared a cow elk with a video camera, hoping the elk-eye view will provide insight into the cervid's habitat preferences and cow-to-calf interactions.

    While tracking animals for research is nothing new, this video offers a great inside look at how researchers handle the whole darting and collaring process. Elk biologist Jeremy Banfield also notes in the video that, to his knowledge, this is the first time an elk has been outfitted with a video camera.

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  • July 16, 2014

    Grand Slam New Mexico: Win a Trophy Elk Hunt for Two - 0

    Who taught you to hunt? Was it a parent or a grandparent? Maybe it was an older sibling or a close family friend.

    Most of us were lucky enough to learn the outdoors from a mentor who spent countless hours coaching us in the field. To celebrate that tradition of sharing experience and know-how with new generations of hunters, Outdoor Life created its latest Grand Slam Adventure.


    If you’ve got a mentor in mind, or you’re teaching a beginning hunter yourself, OL wants to send you on the hunt of a lifetime. All you have to do is tell us how you introduced a hunter to the sport, or tell us who trained you. If your essay is selected, you and your hunting partner will win a trip to New Mexico for a trophy elk hunt this November.

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  • July 16, 2014

    Five Tips For Hunting With a GoPro Camera - 0

    Last spring I had a chance to hunt turkeys in Nebraska with Cabela's, Camp Chef, and GoPro (this was a joint adventure with some of the Field & Streamers). I'd hunted and fished with GoPro cameras before, but this trip was the first time I receieved a tutorial on how to most effectively shoot with the little guys (we were using the Hero 3+). 

    But before we get into shooting tips, here's a quick video from our hunt, shot and edited in signature GoPro-style (the footage was recorded by GoPro's Damon Jones, Field & Stream's Dave Hurteau, and myself).

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  • July 15, 2014

    Wyoming CWD Study Offers Encouraging News for Elk - 0

    A new decade-long study recently released by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the University of Wyoming suggests chronic wasting disease in elk may not be as bad as originally thought.

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  • July 15, 2014

    How to Balance Your Hunting Bow - 0

    Sure, it'd be great to achieve target-bow balance with your hunting bow -- dead center left to right and tipping forward to about 45 degrees -- but that's not practical, or necessary, for most hunting scenarios. 

    Here's Larry Wise's solution... 

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