11 Holiday Gift Ideas for the DIY Butcher

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There’s no doubt that someone on your gift list either already processes their own game or would like to be able to. There are a lot of benefits to “making your own meat,” and fortunately, there are plenty of gift options that will make those people smile (and you might be rewarded with a few prime cuts).

1. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

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One of the most basic needs of anyone butchering animals is keeping their knives sharp. These motorized sharpeners are very easy to use, can sharpen almost anything, and will have even novices putting a razor edge on their knives quickly and efficiently.

2. Browning DIY Butcher Kit

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A set of specialized knives just for butchering is very handy for all steps of the process, from quartering to deboning to trimming. This handy kit has everything you need to get started, and will handle any animal you can throw at it. It includes various knives, butcher scissors, a sharpening stone, and a hat-clip headlamp.

3. Cabela’s Carnivore Commercial Grade 1hp Meat Grinder

Cabela’s Carnivore Commercial Grade 1hp Meat Grinder
Cabela’s Carnivore Commercial Grade 1hp Meat Grinder • $499 Amazon

Every DIY meat processor needs a good meat grinder, plain and simple. A meat grinder is wonderful when it works, but you’ll be cussing it if it’s gumming up, or giving you fits. This one will handle anything up to and including moose down to the hooves.

4. Hi Mountain Sausage Making Kit

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Just about any game meat makes good sausage. If you get this for the DIY butcher on your list, and you might just have a chance of getting some!

5. The Ultimate Guide to Home Butchering

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For anyone that wants to get into processing their own animals, but isn’t quite sure what to do, this book will get them pointed in the right direction. It walks them through the process of butchering and preparing just about any animal.

6. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

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Smoking meat is an age-old method, and it’s truly an art. If the DIY wild-game butcher in your life doesn’t have a smoker, they need one. Getting started can be a little intimidating though, and not everyone has room for a genuine smoke shack. This electric smoker is great for beginners, and it has precise temperature controls.

7. LEM Products Ground Meat Packaging System

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Packaging your burger and breakfast sausage in bags can be much more convenient than wrapping and taping. Burger keeps longer and is easy to handle in plastic packing tubes. Here’s a kit to package it like the pros do.

8. Weston Manual Cuber/Tenderizer

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Another must have for any DIY butcher is a steak cuber. If you have some tough cuts, or even if you don’t, cube steaks are a hit with just about anyone with respectable taste. They will be whipping up country fried steaks in no time, so get the gravy ready!

9. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System With Built-in Retractable Sealer

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Whether you’re storing fish or steaks, vacuum sealing is a great way to prepare meat to go in the freezer. What’s nice about this model is that it not only works with FoodSaver bags, but the built-in retractable sealer can seal ziplock bags and other containers as well. Everyone should have one of these.

10. Rocky Top Ripper Reciprocating Saw Blades

Rocky Top Ripper Reciprocating Saw Blades
Rocky Top Ripper Reciprocating Saw Blades • $29.99 Amazon

A reciprocating saw can be a moose butcher’s best friend, and with these meat-cutting blades, designed to prevent clogging, the job of breaking down animals like a real butcher is that much easier. You’ll be having tomahawk venison steaks in no time.

11. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX PG24 Pellet Grill

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If the old Weber has seen better days, and you appreciate double-duty items, this grill is a great choice. Use it for not only grilling, but also smoking meat. With precise temperature controls, and easy ash cleanout, you’ll hardly have time to get that meat in the freezer before it’s gone.


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