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Updated May 31, 2022 8:02 AM

Hunting is difficult, but shopping for hunters is easy with these gifts for hunters. I’ve used my years of hunting experience to bring you gear that any hunter will appreciate and that will fit just about any budget. These gift ideas for hunters range from gear designed to keep hunters warm to gear that will last a lifetime. Here are my top gifts for hunters this holiday season.

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Best Gift Under $25: Turtle Fur Neck Warmer

Hunters have plenty of hats and gloves for cold weather hunting. But, an often neglected accessory is a neck gaiter. Which is why the Turtle Fur Classic Neck Warmer makes a great gift. It has double walled fleece that traps heat and keeps hunters warm. It’s available in natural colors, as well as blaze orange. 

Best Rifle Scope: Maven RS.1 – 2.5-15X44 FFP Riflescope (Sponsored)

The RS.1 is a versatile rifle scope that is at home in open country and thick forests thanks to its wide magnification range. At 2.5 power it allows for fast shooting and has a wide field of view. Crank it to 15 power for precise shots at longer distances.The first focal plane reticle means no matter the magnification, the subtensions are always accurate. Another feature for long shots are MOA turrets to precisely dial in elevation. If you’re not a shooter those features probably don’t mean much. The important thing to know is that this is a scope any hunter will enjoy and it’s made by one of the top scope makers. Maven scopes come with an unconditional lifetime warranty, so it will give the person that receives it many seasons of use.

Best Gift for Hunters $50: Norchill Soft Cooler

You can spend a lot on soft coolers, but one of the best buys is this one from Norchill. I bought mine for flying frozen meat home from hunts and it has worked exceptionally well for that task, as well as for trips to the beach and the farmers market. 

Best Gift Around $100: ActionHeat Wool Heated Socks

Hunters have to remain still in the treestand, and that lack of movement often means cold toes. Heated socks are the solution. These ActionHeat socks use a remote to control the heat level and keep feet warm for 7 hours on a single charge. 

Best Gift for Hunters $200: Zoleo Satellite Communicator

The Zoleo Satellite Communicator allows you to stay in touch with loved ones while they’re offgrid. It works in conjunction with your cell phone, and the Zoleo app to send texts from anywhere on the globe. It also has SOS functionality that sends GPS coordinates to a 24/7 emergency dispatch. Another cool feature is the check in function that allows the user to let loved ones know they’re OK by pressing a button. Add in long battery life and a low subscription fee, and you have one of the best GPS locators and a gift that any hunter will love. 

Best Pocket Knife: Benchmade 940

The Benchmade 940 is a knife that will get used in and out of hunting season because it’s not only one of the best hunting knives, it’s also one of the best everyday carry knives. It’s also a knife that will last forever and provide years of reliable use for the owner. Read the full review of the Benchmade 940 here

Best EDC Flashlight: Streamlight Wedge Flashlight

Like a pocket knife, flashlights get used year round for hunters. From finding the way to a hunting spot to taking the dogs for a walk,  hunters use flashlights year round. One of the best flashlights for everyday carry is the Streamlight Wedge. It has a slim profile for carrying in a pocket, it’s extremely bright, and it’s rechargeable, everything a hunter needs in a good flashlight.

Best Gift for the Home Processor: Meat! Vacuum Sealer

If you know a hunter that loves processing their own wild game meat, then a vacuum sealer is a great gift. It will help them quickly preserve their meat for the freezer, and keep dreaded freezer burn off it. One of the best vacuum sealers for the job is from Meat! 

Best Gift for the Coffee Connoisseur: AeroPress  

If you know a hunter that loves their java, here’s your perfect gift. The AeroPress allows hunters to brew a delicious cup of coffee in camp. It’s easy to use and makes three cups, so there’s enough to share. 

Best Trail Camera: Tactacam Reveal 

The Tactacam Reveal is one of the best trail cameras at an affordable price. It sends pictures to the hunter’s smartphone which saves them time and gas. One thing to note is that cellular trail cameras aren’t legal in all states, so be sure to investigate that before buying this gift for hunters. 

Best Gift for Staying Warm: ActionHeat Heated Vest

Being cold sucks. You don’t have to be a hunter to appreciate that. One way to curb the cold is with a heated vest like this one from ActionHeat. It keeps a hunter’s core body temperature up so warm blood circulates throughout their entire body. It’s a fantastic gift for hunters that they can use while shoveling snow too. 

Best Gift for Small Game Hunters: Benjamin Marauder 

Ammo is scarce and expensive these days, but air rifles shoot affordable pellets and you can use them in places not suited to shooting a firearm. One of the best small game air rifles is the Benjamin Marauder. It’s backyard quiet, accurate, and in .22 caliber is plenty powerful for small game. Read a full review here.

Best Compound Bow for New Bowhunters: PSE Stinger RTH

The PSE Stinger is a proven compound bow design that’s accurate, user friendly, and easy to adjust. It will fit nearly every archer and it will grow with young archers, so they can use the bow for many seasons. The RTH version comes with all the accessories needed, just add a few of the best hunting arrows and a release aid. Read a full review of the Stinger here

Best Gift for Whitetail Hunters: Sitka Gradient Hoodie

Here’s another gift for hunters that will get used outside hunting season. Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? I live in my Gradient Hoodie from October through spring. In early fall, it’s all I need to stay warm in the stand, and in late season I wear it as a midlayer. I also wear it around town because it’s so comfortable. 

Best Gift for Recording Hunts: Tactacam FTS

The Tactacam FTS is an adapter that allows hunters to record the view through their scope using a Tactacam Solo, 4.0, or 5.0 camera. It’s a unique way to capture hunting memories that hunters can then share with you. 

Heirloom-Quality Gear: Buy Handmade Gifts for Hunters

The above products are great, but if you want a truly special gift that’s functional and sentimental, consider buying from a local maker. You likely have custom knife makers, leatherworkers, and woodworkers in your area that will make an unforgettable gift. These heirloom gifts don’t necessarily have to be extremely expensive either. For example, a knife maker local to me, Join or Die Knives, makes a knife that costs $150. If you don’t have a maker in your area there are plenty that sell their goods online, like WoodHaven Custom Calls who will put a photo under the glass of their pot calls. When you go with a handmade product you are getting a sentimental gift that the owner will cherish and use forever. 

All the above gear is one size fits all and much of it will be useful in the woods and around the house. For more gift ideas checkout our Black Friday deals from Cabela’s and Bass Pro to get gifts for hunters in your life at discount prices.