Adventures of a Legend: Jack O’Connor
Outdoor Life Online Editor

Whether you grew up reading Jack O’Connor in Outdoor Life or have never read his work before, you’ll enjoy this look back at America’s greatest gun writer.

Editor-in-Chief Todd W. Smith grew up reading O’Connor in Outdoor Life.

“For a boy of 10, his stories about hunting tigers in India and great blackmaned lions in Africa took me places I could only dream of.Rarely do you come away from an O’Connor piece without knowing a little of the history and geography of where he was hunting, the rifle and load he was using and the taxonomy of the animal he was pursuing–all beautifully illustrated in rich word-pictures that make you feel like you’re right beside him as the wounded buiffalo charges or a 40-inch ram suddenly appears on a distant mountaintop,” said Smith.

We hope you enjoy this section we have put together to honor one of Outdoor Life’s most accomplished writers.

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