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DIY Project: Make Your Own Bale Blind

Photo courtesy of Andy Biddle

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Reader Project submitted by Andy Biddle from Paris, KY

“We started by doubling over one fence panel to get rough measurements for the base, which we built with 2x6s. We braced each corner with 2x4s cut at 45-degree angles to reinforce the base. Once the base was finished, we doubled the panel over once more and tacked it to the inside of the base with staples, and then tack-welded the second panel to the open sides of the first panel. The sides made the blind pretty stout, but we added braces in the top portion of the blind.

“Next, we cut out sections for shooting holes and bent the tag ends on one side of each section around the wire to act as hinges. We added small sections of 2×4 below each window to serve as gun rests. The windows are held open with sections of PVC conduit with notches to hold the wire frame.

“We cut out a section for a door and framed it with 2x4s, attaching a piece of 1/2-inch plywood with hinges.

“Next, we covered the entire thing with greenhouse plastic for waterproofness and then covered that with the straw mat. Finally, we made relief cuts around the windows and door, and stapled and zip-tied those into place so they move with the windows and door.”

Time to Complete: One weekend

2 4’x16′ welded wire fence panels
2 2″x6″x8′ bd.
3 2″x4″x10′ bd.
1 1/2″ 2’x4′ sheet of plywood
1/2″ PVC conduit
Large plastic sheet or tarp (we used green-house covering)
2 rolls of straw ero-sion control material
Staples, wood screws, zip ties, and duct tape

Circular saw
Metal saw
Pliers/vise grips
Welder (optional)


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