Boss Bloomberg

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One man’s oligarchy is omnipresent in New York. Next: Your state, your town, your home.

The Scottish have a reputation for appreciating the power of money and being honest. So, leave it to the Scotland Herald to say what papers on this side of the Atlantic won’t say (after all, hizzoner does own his own news service): New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his money could be the most dangerous threat to Constitutional democracy in the western world.

“On Tuesday, barring a terrorist attack or an unthinkable scandal, Michael Bloomberg will be elected mayor of New York for a third time,” the paper said on Nov. 2. “Irrespective of whether his record merits another four years in charge of the city, this represents a stunning demonstration of the power of money in U.S. politics. Mr Bloomberg has spent more of his personal wealth on campaigning than anyone else in the history of the United States. All told, his three runs for mayor will have cost around $250 million, with his latest bid for re-election the most expensive of the lot at somewhere between $110 and $140 million.”

The article goes on to warn, as evidenced by Bloomberg’s crusading outside New York for a range of self-serving Nanny State laws, and, most recently — and alarmingly — anti-Second American legislation, this elitist kazillionaire’s oligarchic reach will become omnipresent in the coming years as he buys media, lobbyists, elections, legislators, and whatever else stands in his way.

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