Lock and Load

John B. Snow Avatar

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There’s a drug-addicted monkey on the rampage around Tampa Bay who has eluded authorities for more than a year. Is it time to hit the “go” button on the Second Amendment and call up the militia to serve up a little cowboy justice?

Even though he’s been shot up with drugs numerous times that hasn’t lead to his capture. Predictably, legions of do-gooders have rallied to his cause and the “Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay” Facebook page has 51,610 fans.

Personally, I can’t stand the little buggers. You know Western Civilization is circling the drain when it easier to fly with one of these than these.

So what are you going to strap to your hip to bring down this rogue rhesus macaque? I’m thinking this AR in .204 Rug. would be about perfect…

-John B. Snow