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Strange Guns: Palm Pistol

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No, Gary Cooper didn’t carry one of these on his hip in High Noon and if he had bad guy Frank Miller (played by Ian MacDonald) and his gang would have laughed themselves silly before gunning down Cooper’s character, Will Kane.

It looks more like an asthma inhaler than a pistol, but this thing apparently holds a single .38 Spl. round, is held in your fist like a hand exerciser for increasing grip strength and fires with a push of the thumb.

Is it a serious gun? By definition, anything that can shoot a .38, even a single shot, is a serious gun, but by the same token I seriously don’t think I would depend on this to save my life in a time of crisis.

The makers of this pistol, Constitution Arms claim that it is ergonomic, accurate and able to be fired by people who lack the grip strength to pull the trigger on a regular handgun–though I find this last point a bit hard to swallow when I think about the sweet single-action triggers on my favorite 1911s or even the smooth DAO trigger pull on my Sig P250.

Who is it meant for?

This is what the company says:
“The design is suited for home use, concealed carry enthusiasts, collectors and as a backup gun. It is ideal for seniors, disabled or others who may have dexterity limitations or difficulty sighting and controlling a traditional revolver or semi-automatic pistol.”

The company goes on to mention the number of people who are joining the ranks of the elderly in coming years, all of whom they see as potential customers for the Palm Pistol.

Why on earth you’d trust your life to a single-shot is beyond me. There’s also the problem that if you pulled this out and pointed it at a bad guy, he wouldn’t even know enough to be scared.