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Gun Lab: Knoxx Stock Gen III

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recoil stock

The Knoxx Stock Gen III is designed for better recoil management. This model fits a Remington 870.

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Gun Lab: Gen III Knoxx Stock by OutdoorLife

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Recoil sucks. I don’t care who you are—the harder your firearm kicks, the worse you’re going to shoot. Nowhere is this more the case than with 12-gauge shotguns stuffed with full-house loads. This is the real reason—and not lack of sleep—that duck hunters have a dazed look in their eyes come late December.

The Knoxx Stock Gen III is the newest offering from that company, which is part of the Blackhawk brand, and it does an even better job of soaking up recoil than its predecessors. Two improvements stand out.

First, the stock now has a butt pad with hex-shaped cells that crush down under recoil. The pad is actually constructed with the right amount of stiffness so it works in conjunction with the spring-loaded shock absorber contained within the forward portion of the stock.

Second, they’ve reshaped the comb, making it flat instead of angled. This is more forgiving on the shooter’s cheek, and makes the gun “bite” less.

I’ve put a bunch of rounds through this system and can vouch for its effectiveness. If you want to tame your 870, this is the way to go. Soon the company will offer the Gen III for Mossberg pump guns as well.