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Shooting Gear photo


I’ve been running Barry Dueck’s Rapid Transition Sights on many of my ARs since he first brought them out a few years ago. By canting the rifle 45 degrees you can move from the main optic to these iron sights very quickly. They are great for 3-gun where fast transitions between targets at varying distances is the norm.

But these sights also have practical applications for military and personal defense as well. Should your main sight break, fog up or run out of batteries, or if you’re confronted with threats at different distances, these sights can save your bacon.

Shooting Gear photo


The sights here are new in Dueck’s lineup. They have a tritium insert in the post on the front sight, and two small inserts on the rear sight. They have all the functionality of the earlier generations RTS—a toggling rear peep with large and small apertures and positive adjustments for windage and elevation—and provide a visible aiming point in low light conditions.

One of the great things about these sights is how intuitive they are to run. It takes very little time to master them. For 3-gunners in the Tactical Optics division they are a godsend.