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36 Vehicles Break Through Ice in Wisconsin Fishing Tournament

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Over the weekend, a group of ice fishermen fishing a tournament on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin decided to to ignore a thin ice warning. They paid the price for it. This from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

_” ‘We had some cars that got wet,’ a dispatcher with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department said. ‘We had cars parked on the ice like it was a parking lot. Usually they do park out on the ice. That’s not unusual. It’s just that they parked too close together. It was too much for the ice conditions this year.’__

Tournament organizers for the Battle on Bago reportedly warned people about parking on the ice Saturday, but some had trouble finding spots elsewhere and parked on the lake anyway. Of about 50 cars parked on the ice, four were submerged more than half way, 18 were partially submerged, and 14 sunk to the top of their wheels, according to the sheriff’s department.”_

Luckily no one was injured or killed and tow trucks were able to pull the cars from the lake. The ice was about 12 inches thick.

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