Man Dressed in Bigfoot Suit Gets Hit By Cars on Highway in Montana

Randy Lee Tenley was struck and killed by two vehicles on Highway 93 near Kalispell, Montana earlier this week … oh, and Randy was dressed as a Bigfoot at the time.

Police say the 44-year-old was in the middle of the right lane in a spot where motorists could not see him on Highway 93 South of Kalispell when he was struck by two separate vehicles. Montana Highway Patrol Officer Jim Schneider told ABC Montana, “He [Randy] had this Ghillie suit and was going to attempt to get the attention of passing motorist and … make them feel like they saw Bigfoot or Sasquatch.”

It is unknown if the two separate drivers ran Randy down intentionally believing he was a Bigfoot or if the incident was accidental. No suspects are in custody at this time and police have no leads.

Do I need to even post the question, “Why was Randy dressed as a Bigfoot in the middle of the highway?”

Everybody knows that if you’re going to dress in a Bigfoot costume you do it in the woods during hunting season (that’s a joke kids).