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83-Year-Old Woman Attacked by 50-Pound Beaver in Virginia

An elderly Virginia woman was savagely attacked by a 50-pound beaver after swimming in a Fairfax County lake. Lillian Peterson, 83, of Falls Church explained what happened to WRC/NBC. “I was coming out of the water and this beaver came after me from nowhere,” Peterson said. “First thing he did was take this big chunk out of my leg down here and I tried to fight him off.”

A nearby fisherman who witnessed the attack rushed to Peterson’s aid where he bludgeoned the beaver over the head with a heavy branch.
Peterson has no doubt what would have happened to her had the angler not come to her rescue. “I would have been dead,” she said. “There’s no two ways about it.”

Tests revealed that the giant rodent was rabid.

The thing that stands out most in this crazy story isn’t the rapid beaver part, it’s just how tough 83-year-old Peterson is. Dang Lillian, I’ll go swimming with you anytime.

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