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Animal Rescue Group Mistakes 25-Pound Feral Cat for Mountain Lion

Alex Robinson Avatar

Mountain lions are most commonly found in urban and suburban back alleys, they weigh 10-15 pounds, and their diet consists of small rodents, songbirds, and garbage. Oh, wait, that’s feral cats, not mountain lions. Easy mistake.

An animal rescue group in California recently mistook a 25-pound feral cat for a mountain lion. The cat, which neighbors call Man Face, was subsequently captured and neutered by San Joaquin County.

“Man Face, yeah that’s what we call him,” said neighbor Jimmy Sales. “He is a real mean cat. He beats up all the cats in the neighborhood.”

Sales told FOX40 in Sacramento he would not mistake Man Face for a mountain lion but reiterated that the cat is really big.

Just incase anyone else is confused about what mountain lions actually look like, please see the photo below. (Note: the mountain lion is the one without the collar).