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Richard Ahlstrand of Auburn Massachusetts was criminally charged by local police after he shot a black bear that was eating bird seed in his backyard.

The 76-year-old man was feeding birds at about 9 p.m. at night when he heard a loud crash. This from WHDH News: “I grabbed my shotgun and I hit the safety off,” said Ahlstrand.
Ahlstrand said he was defending himself when he killed a black bear behind his Auburn home.

‘Walking toward [me] was this big black thing and it was on all fours,’ said Ahlstrand.

Ahlstrand said he couldn’t believe it when police charged him with illegally baiting and killing a bear. He told 7News the 50-gallon feeder in his yard is only meant to attract birds.

‘I’ve been feeding the birds for so long now I almost know them by name,’ said Ahlstrand.”_

Ahlstrand was also rung up on an illegal possession of firearms charge as he didn’t have proper license for the shotgun or rifle, according to WCVB.com.