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Public Land: Hunting and Fishing North Dakota

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North Dakota is an interesting case when it comes to access. The state has just 5 percent (2.1 million acres) of its land in public ownership. But it does have a state law that allows hunters to legally access any private lands not specifically posted against hunting.

Private Land Open To Sportsmen Program
• Program secures public hunting access to private lands
• Administered by North Dakota Game and Fish Department
• Current map book and online map provides details and locations

Lewis and Clark Wildlife Management Area
• 8,139 acres
• Good deer, turkey, small-game hunting
• Fishing in the Missouri River and Lake Sakakawea

Chase Lake Waterfowl Management Area
• 2,720 acres
• Good waterfowl hunting
• Deer and sharptail grouse hunting

Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge
• 16,000 acres
• Excellent waterfowl hunting in designated areas
• Deer hunting permitted in designated areas

Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge
• 22,300 acres
• Pike, perch and walleye fishing on Long Lake (boat access available)
• Waterfowl hunting allowed at designated areas

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Photo: Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge

Photo credit: flickr