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Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is not a large state, but 15 percent it is publicly owned. There are roughly 908,000 publicly accessible acres for hunting and fishing.

White Mountain National Forest
• 750,000 acres
• Six designated wilderness areas within the National Forest assure secluded hunting and fishing options
• Good deer, turkey and small game hunting

Lake Francis State Park
• 24,442 acres
• Offers campsites and trails
• Good fishing options on 2,000-acre lake

Coleman State Park
• Offers campsites and trails
• Excellent trout fishing on Little Diamond Pond and streams
• Hunting not allowed on park grounds

Cardigan Mountain State Park and Forest
• 5,655 acres
• Good deer and turkey hunting
• Fishing in streams

Franconia Notch State Park
• 6,000 acres
• Good trout fishing in streams and lakes
• Good deer, turkey and small game hunting

Find more public land access opportunities with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Hunt Planner.

Photo: Coleman State Park

Photo credit: The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation