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Survival Gear Review: Hill People Gear Kit Bag

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The Hill People Gear Original Kit Bag is easily my favorite new piece of gear for 2014, and to my surprise it has made a chest-rig convert out of me. After a few weeks of wearing the kit bag while hiking, hunting, shooting, working around the farm, and yes, even while writing, it feels weird to NOT be wearing it. Other chest rigs I’ve tried have been uncomfortable, too small to hold a worthwhile amount of gear, or have looked like they’d been stitched together by a blind monkey. None of this was the case with the Hill People bag.

After a few quick strap adjustments, the bag fit perfectly and was unbelievably comfortable. The very generous interior features two main compartments, one with two pockets and one with a strip of Velcro. The exterior zipper pouch also has two pockets with dummy cord loops above them. All together, the kit bag’s capacity is an impressive 172.5 cubic inches. The craftsmanship of the bag is exemplary. It’s the best made piece of soft gear I currently own. On top of all that, it’s a shooter’s delight. The kit bag offers quick access to a concealed pistol compartment, which is big enough to hold a large-frame handgun and a spare magazine. The Velcro strip and dummy cord loop in the pistol compartment give you plenty of retention options, so you can customize your concealed carry however you like it.

The Hill People Gear Kit Bag is the perfect accompaniment for a day hike, a hunting trip, a visit to the range, or when used in tandem with a full-blown bug out bag. The only downfall of wearing the Original Kit Bag is that people keep staring at my chest with a mixture of keen interest, adoration, and lust. I’m starting to develop a complex.

Here are the specs:

-It weighs just one pound when empty.
-It comes in different colors—black, coyote brown, foliage grey, Multicam, and ranger green.
-It holds 172.5 cubic inches of gear.
-The stitching and construction are top notch.
-It has a very comfortable mesh-backed H-harness.
-It is proudly made in the USA by a family-owned company.
-At the moment, it’s marked down to $97.65.