The Best Smokeless Indoor Grills of 2024

Get perfect grill marks on steak without the smoke

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A steak with perfect grill marks is a thing of beauty, and grilling produces flavors you can’t achieve with other cooking methods. That great grilled flavor is attainable if you can’t use an outdoor grill due to space or the weather. Here are some of the best smokeless indoor grills for you to consider. 

How I Chose the Best Smokeless Indoor Grills

I selected grills that will meet a wide range of needs. There are options for grilling burgers once a week or appliances you can use daily to make everything from pancakes to fajitas. Most of the grills use an electric heat source because it won’t produce smoke. There is also a butane option for those who want an open flame grilling experience.

A Note on “Smokeless” Grills for Indoor Use

If you’re cooking meat or anything coated with oil at high temperatures, you’re going to hit the fat’s smoke point. So, even though you don’t have an open flame or fuel source that produces smoke, you can still make your home smokey. I suggest using any of the below grills under a hood or exhaust vent to dissipate the smoke. 

The Best Smokeless Grills: Reviews and Recommendations 

Best Overall: Ninja Sizzle 

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Key Features 

  • 14-inches of grill surface 
  • 500-degree max temp
  • Lid can be moved up and down 
  • Interchangeable grill and griddle plates


  • Multifunctional grill/griddle 
  • Grease catch for easy cleaning
  • Non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The 30-inch power cord might require an extension cord to be used for some people 

This electric grill produces grill marks on your steaks, burgers, and portabella mushrooms. It also can cook eggs and pancakes for the whole family with the griddle plate. You’re not going to get the smoky flavor of a charcoal grill, but you’ll get the tasty Maillard reaction thanks to the high heat the Sizzle puts out. The heat is also even from edge to edge, so you don’t have a blazing hot center that becomes cooler toward the edges. The whole surface is a consistent temperature for maximum use of the space. 

I love that the lid can be removed and put in the dishwasher. The plates are also easy to clean because they’re non-stick. One thing to keep in mind is that to preserve the non-stick coating, it’s best to avoid metal cookware. 

Best Value: Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

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Key Features

  • Dimensions: 13.5 inches x 8.5 inches
  • Non-stick surface and grease catch
  • Water tray for cooling grease


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple operation


  • Grill only, no griddle option

The Chefman electric gill costs around $50 and allows you to grill indoors. The parts are non-stick and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. The company doesn’t state a maximum temperature, but it will get hot enough to sear meat and leave grill marks. It also has plenty of space to cook four to five steaks at a time.  

Best for Korean BBQ: Iwatani Portable Grill

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Key Features 


  • Heats up very quickly
  • Excellent for grilling on patios or places without electricity 


  • Can flame up
  • Not a lot of cooking area 
Testing the Iwatani Smokeless Indoor Grill
The Iwatani grill is ideal for small pieces of meat that you cook as you eat. Scott Einsmann

 I’ve been using this grill on my porch for Korean BBQ and it’s been ideal for that purpose. It has just enough surface area for a group of four to grill meat as they eat. It produces great flavor on meat, vegetables, and seafood. On the max temp setting, it gets to 525+ degrees in just a few minutes. There are hot and cold spots on the grill, which is a negative for evenly cooking a large piece of meat. But when you’re cooking a lot of small pieces of meat it allows you to rotate between searing and keeping bites warm. Or you can have meat on the hot zone and vegetables on a warm zone. Aside from Korean BBQ, this grill would be ideal for tailgating, car camping, and even a picnic. 

The Iwatani gets hot very quickly. Scott Einsmann

This grill uses an open flame for a heat source, so dripping fat and marinades can flame up. While it produces less smoke than a traditional grill, it will still smoke. So, I recommend using this on a patio or under a hood . 

Best Griddle: Blackstone Electric Griddle 

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Key Features

  • LCD Display
  • Non-stick ceramic titanium-coated cooking surface
  • 22-inch griddle 
  • Two cooking zones


  • Large surface area
  • Easy to use
  • Can get very hot with its 1200 watts of power


  • Heavy at around 26 pounds

Blackstone griddles are the go-to choice for outdoor cooking, but they also make an electric model for indoor use. If you want to cook big breakfasts, burgers, steaks, fajitas, and more this is the grill for you. It’s highly versatile and very user friendly. The LCD display is easy to read and shows the settings for both cooking zones. So if you’re cooking chicken on one side you can sear it at 450 degrees and if you have shrimp on the other you can cook them at 380 degrees. The grease cup is machine washable, and you can get replaceable liners for easy cleanup. 

How to Choose a Smokeless Indoor Grill

Grill vs Griddle 

Electric grills have ridges that produce grill marks where a griddle is a flat surface. If you value the look of grill marks then a grill is the way to go. If you want something that can cook a wider range of meals, then a griddle is the best choice. 


It’s important to understand that while the fuel source isn’t going to produce smoke, the high heat involved in grilling will cause smoke. 


The amount of cooking area a grill provides is a huge consideration. If you’re constantly cooking for large groups, a big grill like the Blackstone is a great choice. If you’re cooking for less than four people then a 14-inch grill is a great choice. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Smokeless Indoor Grills

Grilling produces delicious results and lasting memories, so don’t let where you live or the weather keep you from enjoying it. Choose an indoor grill that best suits your budget and needs then enjoy all the great meals to come. 

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