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Calling all outdoorsmen and women: If you’ve been putting off adding a satellite messenger to your hunting, fishing, or backpacking kit, now is the time. Even if you aren’t heading out for days into the backcountry, if you are spending time in areas that are out of cell service, then this is an important safety consideration. According to Garmin, 12 percent of the SOS activations they receive are from people who were still with their vehicles. If you have a major accident or health incident off the grid, a satellite messenger could save your life.

The Garmin inReach Messenger receives a message.
The Garmin inReach Messenger is on sale. Laura Lancaster

Fortunately there is good news: Cabela’s has a major sale on the Garmin inReach Mini, which staff writers Laura Lancaster and Tyler Freel have both used extensively. Invest in your safety (or that of your loved one’s) today.

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