EcoFlow Solar Generators on Sale: Great Deals on Powerstations, Solar Panels, and Combo Packages

Ecoflow solar generators are on sale for up to 59 percent off

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If you’ve been waiting for a great sale on solar generators before outfitting your adventure van or home emergency kit, then stop what you’re doing and check out these deals from EcoFlow. They’ve been making some of the most popular powerstations for years and these deals are a bargain for anyone looking to prepare for the next power outage or natural disaster. 

23 percent off an EF ECOFLOW Solar Generator DELTA2 with 220W Solar Panel

Solar generators combine the latest advances in battery storage with the unlimited power potential of the sun (yes, even on cloudy days). This 220W panel will keep plenty of juice flowing to your 1,024Wh battery, so that you can keep your phone, laptop, and other important electronics charged for days on end. 

59% off an EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station RIVER mini, 210Wh

If you’re looking for a backup battery for your next camping trip, look no further. This crazy deal (more than half off its typical price) gets you 210 watt hours—that’s more than enough to keep your laptop powered all day and night the next time you’re ready to tackle your next work day from the campsite.

39% off an EF ECOFLOW DELTA Max (1600) Portable Power Station, 1612Wh

This is a fantastic deal on a home powerstation. It’s got enough USB ports for the whole family’s suite of electronics plus the juice (2000AC outlet with a 5000W surge potential) to keep your most important electronics going during a major blackout. It also has a handy app to monitor its power use from afar. 

20% off an EF ECOFLOW 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel

Maybe you’ve already got your powerstation and are ready to upgrade it to a full-blown solar generator. The 110W, 160W, and 220W are all on sale, ranging from 15% to 25% off and pair with both the River and Delta powerstations.