Prime Early Access Sale: Jackery Power Station and Solar Panel

It’s a great time to snag a best-in-class solar generator combo

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Whether you’re camping, overlanding, or rounding out your emergency preparedness kit, you’ll want to make sure you have a power station and compatible solar panel. Adventure longer and safer by always having a source of power for your necessary electronics. After using a number of Jackery’s power stations, I’ve been impressed by how intuitive they are and how well they retain power over the long haul. The newest models from Jackery work together to generate an impressive amount of power—during testing, a single panel of the SolarSaga 200W put out over 150W of power in sunny (if slightly hazy) conditions. While Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale has a number of options available so that you can mix and match, most people’s needs will be met with by snagging a SolarSaga 200W and an Explorer 1000.

Each of the panels has three kickstands, which provided plenty of stability during testing.
Each of the panels has three kickstands, which provided plenty of stability during testing. Laura Lancaster

I personally have a 200W panel set up with a Jackery power station that I use to power all of my family’s phones and laptops. It provides more than enough power for that purpose and is extremely intuitive to set up. If you live in an area of the country with lower light levels in the winter time, it’s worth doubling up your panels as they can be chained together to double your output. If you think you’ll need an even larger battery size, there is also a bundled deal with the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro (Save 30%).

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