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Car Seat Covers for Dogs on the Go

Keep your upholstery clean and undamaged when you’re carting canines (or kids).
A brown hair dog staying outside of the window of a orange car.
Most dogs love car rides, but you may not love the condition of your back seat when the ride is over. Tim Mossholder, Unsplash

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Dogs love a car ride as much as we do, but they can damage your rear seat. Regular seat covers might survive a little dog, but larger dogs will tear up standard seat covers. You need something that’s durable and easy to clean and that protects the seat and the floor. Be sure to pick one with openings for seat belts, too, because a seat cover tough enough for dogs can also handle milkshake spills and the worst that your kids can throw at it. Seat covers are easy to install and remove, and they provide inexpensive protection against mud and claws.

Quick and Easy Installation

Pooch-Proof Barrier

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The bigger the dog, the tougher the cover you’ll need. “Denier” measures thread count in each strand of the material. Find a cover with a  water-resistant thick outer layer and quilted padding. A non-slip bottom helps keep the cover in place as the dog moves around the seat.

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Make sure the cover fits your vehicle. Most standard cars and crossovers have 54- inch-wide back seats. Full-size SUVS and trucks have 57-inch seats. Measure across the longest part of your rear seat.

Most Color Choices

Customize the Space

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Many seat covers offer the choice of hammock-style set up or a configuration that allows people to sit in the back, too. The hammock helps keep the dog from coming up front, which is cleaner and safer for everyone.