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5 New Pieces of Turkey Hunting Gear to Help Tag a Gobbler

These hot new products are all you need to find and kill a spring turkey.
primos decoys

<strong>1. DUPE</strong><br /><em>with Ultra-Portable Dekes</em><br /><a href=""><strong>PRIMOS GOBBSTOPPER DECOY COMBO</strong></a> Fold-up turkey decoys should travel unnoticed in your vest until you need them, then look like the real thing when you pull them out. Primos' Gobbstopper Combo meets three critical criteria: They're lightweight and fold up compactly. They're versatile, mimicking a three-position hen and a three-quarter-strut jake. And the high-def paint scheme is realistic. Mesh carry bag is included.

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locator calls
with Polycarb Crow Caw
FLAMBEAU MAD SMOKIN' SERIES LOCATOR CALLS Get that tom to gobble with one of these new, affordable, and easy-to-blow locator calls. Flambeau’s new Smokin’ Series features a crow call, an owl hooter, and a coyote howler. The Smokin’ Crow caws big with high pitch and plenty of rasp—just the ticket for shut-mouthed toms. The Smokin’ Hooter plays a hoot series that starts off low but finishes with higher-pitched owl vocalizations. The Smokin’ Howler belts out some of the loudest yips imaginable. Outdoor Life
Outdoor Life
with far-reaching friction
MAESTRO MORNING WOOD LONG BOX CALL Paul Butski may have won more than 150 turkey-calling championships with his mouth calls, but he knows that a far-reaching box call is an essential in every vest. His Signature Series Morning Wood Long Box Call (handcrafted in 2016 from walnut and cherry) operates at the high end of the tone scale, carrying over long distances, even in the wind. I like how easy it is to elicit a tone break on the back end of a yelp. The friction call purrs and clucks well, too. Outdoor Life
with this companion to the 12-gauge
FEDERAL 20-GAUGE 3RD DEGREE TURKEY LOADS Federal Premium’s 3rd Degree turkey loads were hatched in 2015, but hunters had only 12-gauge that first year. This spring, you can give your 20-gauge shotgun the 3rd Degree, too, and kill gobblers that are looking you in the face or wandering out there in 12-gauge land. Like their big-bore cousins, these 3rd Degree loads combine No. 6 Flitestopper, No. 5 copper-plated, and No. 7 Heavyweight shot. Each 3-inch shell packs 1 7/16 ounces of shot. Outdoor Life
savage stevens
this new turkey-specific gun
STEVENS 320 FIELD-GRADE TURKEY PUMP SHOTGUN If you’re looking for a rugged and reliable turkey gun that won’t break the bank, this is a great choice. The Turkey Pump is the first gobbler-specific gun in Stevens’ lineup of 320s. You get a fiber-optic front sight, but the receiver is drilled and tapped for optics. I like the short 22-inch barrel, which is highly maneuverable in tight spots but still lets you reach out and touch longer-range toms. An extended Full choke tube is included. The synthetic stock comes in Mossy Oak Obsession. Outdoor Life

These hot new products are all you need to find and kill a spring turkey.