This knob controls the illumination level of the scope. The user has the option of lighting the reticle in either green or red. There are five levels of intensity to chose from. At the brightest setting the reticle is visible in bright daylight.
The eyepiece is clean and uncluttered. The large raised knurls on the power ring provide a solid gripping surface for the operator.
Compartments in the caps on the windage and elevation dials unscrew and contain storage for spare batteries for the illuminated reticle.
The dials on the scope move the point of impact in 1/4 MOA increments. The dials pop up to spin freely and allow the user to quickly set them to a zero once the rifle is dialed in.
The CIRT reticle is Weaver’s own design. The center dot covers .5 mils and if you set that to a 200-yard zero with a .223/5.56 you can use the other reference marks for shooting to 600 or 700 yards, depending on which load you run. The other reference marks roughly put you at 300, 400 and 500 yards.

This Weaver is a first-focal plane 1-5×24 built on a burly 30mm tube. It’s an ideal optic for an AR carbine. Set at 1-power it allows for quick target acquisition at close range and fast two-eyes-open shooting.