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SHOT Show 2009: New Shotguns

O.F. Mossberg & Sons The new Mossberg 930 autoloader turkey models are the latest iteration of the 930 family of autoloading shotguns. The pistol-grip full-length stock offers a 13-inch length of pull, and the 24-inch ported barrel and the dual gas-vent system make this compact package easy to maneuver while minimizing recoil and muzzle lift. The new pistol-grip 930 was developed for use with 12-gauge 2 3/4- and 3-inch shotshells, from low-brass 1-ounce target loads to non-toxic, heavy-hitting magnum rounds. The Uni-Line receiver (drilled and tapped for optics) has a soft, angled edge designed to provide instinctive eye/sight alignment for instant target acquisition. The gun also features an easy-to-operate quick-empty magazine button. As part of the line extension, Model 935 Magnum models chambered 3 1/2-inch shells will also get the new pistol grip. All Mossberg 930 turkey models feature XX-Full extended choke for a tight, consistent pattern, and fully adjustable front and rear fiber-optic sights. Available in Mossy Oak Obsession and with a matte blued barrel/black synthetic stock. SRP: $628 to $831. (203-230-5300;

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BROWNING The big news for 2009 is the introduction of the all-new Maxus semi-auto shotgun. Several new and innovative technologies combine to make the Maxus the most reliable, and softest shooting, shotgun yet offered by Browning. The Maxus features a lightweight aluminum-alloy receiver, Browning's all-new Power Drive System, which includes a new gas piston design with larger exhaust ports, and a new, patented enclosed-seal design to keep powder residue out of the action. A unique Speed Lock Forearm replaces the bulky screw-on magazine cap with an easy-to-use lever that allows removal of the forearm for cleaning. Other features include Inflex Technology Recoil Pad, Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones, Speed Load Plus, Turnkey Magazine Plus magazine plug and the new Lightning Trigger System, which provides a lock time of .0052 seconds and is easily removed for cleaning. The Maxus line will be available in 12-gauge only, with 3- and 3.5-inch models in different barrel lengths with composite stocks and forearms featuring Dura-Touch Armor coating. The average weight is just under 7 pounds. SRP: Stalker models start at $1,199; Mossy Oak Duck Blind models start at $1,399. This year Browning will expand its offerings in the Citori 625 over/under line with the addition of 20- and 28-gauge, as well as .410 models in the Field and Sporting models. All Citori 625 models feature Vector Pro lengthened forcing cones. SRP: Field models start at $2,339; Sporting models start at $3,329. A Citori Feather Field model is also new for 2009, and it features a lightweight aluminum-alloy receiver. The 12-gauge model weighs just under 7 pounds, and small-gauge models average 5.5 pounds. Receivers are high-relief engraved and the stock and forearm are Grade II/III walnut with a close-radius pistol grip, Schnabel forearm and gloss-oil finish. SRP: Starts at $2,509. This year will see upgrades to the Cynergy over/under line, including a new jeweled mono-block on most models. The Cynergy Feather model will see a new gloss-oil finish and upgraded Grade II/II walnut stock and forearm. The Cynergy Euro Field and Sporting models have a new full-coverage high-relief engraving on the receiver, forearm iron and top lever, along with Grade II/III walnut stock and forearm with a gloss-oil finish. Updated Cynergy Euro Composite Sporting models will also be offered with new engraving found on the walnut stock models. SRP: Cynergy Feather Field starts at $2,579; Cynergy Euro Sporting Composite with adjustable comb starts at $3,499; Cynergy Euro Field starts at $2,509; and Euro Sporting is $3,719. The Browning Silver line will expand this year with the addition of the 12-gauge, 2¾-inch Silver Sporting. This gas-operated semi-auto features the Active Valve gas system and lightweight aluminum-alloy receiver in a semi-humpback design with a silver finish. The satin-finished walnut stock and forearm allows .75 inch of adjustment in length of pull via the use of supplied .25-inch spacers. It is also equipped with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. The Silver will be available with a ventilated rib and 28- or 30-inch ported barrels. SRP: $1,199. (801-876- 2711;
KALISPELL CASE LINE The Cortona Grande CC, introduced at last year's SHOT Show in 12- and 20-gauge, will now be offered in 16- and 28-gauge and .410. Each gun features a case-colored receiver and a frame matched to the gauge, and is made in Italy by Isadoro Rizzini for Kalispel Case Line. SRP: under $2,000. (509-325-1200;
REMINGTON Given the success of polymer-framed handguns, it was only a matter of time before that technology was incorporated into long guns. This year, Remington introduces what could be called a polymer-frame shotgun. The 887 Nitro Magnum 12-gauge pump-action shotgun utilizes a steel barrel and receiver that are completely overmolded with an injection-molded polymer. The overall contours are similar to the company's 870 pump line, with the external polymer shell providing complete corrosion protection. The trigger plate assembly (TPA) is also molded from a polymer similar to that used on the barrel and receiver. And though the TPA contains the fire control and carrier–similar to the 870 fire control–it also, uniquely, contains the right and left shell latches. The design of the 887's TPA allows the complete housing to drop out, giving the user easy access to the inside of the receiver for cleaning and disassembly. The 877 NitroMagnum Synthetic (SRP: $399) features a 28-inch barrel chambered for 3.5-inch shells. It accepts Rem. Choke tubes, has Hi Viz fiber optic sights, a SuperCell recoil pad, and a black finish. The 877 NitroMagnum Waterfowl (SRP: $529) offers the same features with the Realtree Advantage Max 4 camo finish. Recent advances in shotgun slug design have created the capability to produce rifle-like accuracy, and the new Remington 870 Super Slug is designed to capitalize on that. Remington says the 12-gauge Super Slug is capable of producing sub-MOA groups at 100 yards with Accu-Tip slugs. Built on the 870 pump platform, the Super Slug features a 25.5-inch barrel (3-inch chamber) that is fully rifled with six lands-and-groove Ultragon rifling (similar to Parabolic rifling) with a 1-in-28 twist. The barrel is an extra-heavy 1-inch diameter and is fixed to the receiver. A Weaver rail provides easy optics mounting, and the gun does not include iron sights. The ShurShot synthetic thumbhole-style stock features a camo finish and overmolded grip panels with an extended forend. SRP: $772. Those who favor the 20-gauge slug weren't ignored this year. The new Model 870 Express ShurShot FR-CL 20-gauge features an 18.5-inch interchangeable barrel with a cantilevered scope mount base. The fully rifled barrel (3-inch chamber) has a 1-in-24 twist, eight land-and-groove rifling. The synthetic ShurShot stock features an extended forend and is finished in matte black. SRP: $532 In 2009 Remington will re-brand its "Youth" models in the 11-87 and 870 Express line. They will now be known as "Compact," and each model will now include a length-of-pull kit that allows the stock to be adjusted up to 1 inch over the factory 13-inch LOP. The kit includes two ¼-inch spacers and one ½-inch spacer, with the corresponding screws to properly mount the SuperCell recoil pad. Two new models will be introduced in the 11-87 Compact Sportsman line: a 21-inch vent rib Rem. Choke model with a black synthetic stock ($772) and the same gun with a Mossy Oak Break-Up camo finish ($878). The 870 Express Compact will be available in a 21-inch vent-rib Rem. Choke barrel with a black synthetic stock ($399), Real Tree Hardwoods camo ($439) or Mossy Oak Pink camo ($439). In addition, an 18.5-inch barrel model (vent rib/Rem. Choke) will be available with a factory 12-inch length of pull as the Express Compact with a black synthetic stock ($399). Last, two new 12-gauge models will join the 870 Express Tactical line: an 18.5-inch barrel with a bead front sight and two-shot magazine extension, TAC choke, with metalwork finished in a gunmetal-gray powder coat and a black synthetic stock (SRP: $465) and a matte black finished 18.5-inch barrel model with blade front sight, Picatinny rail-style XS Ghost Ring rear, TAC choke and a two-shot magazine extender. (SRP: $505). (800-243-9700;
WEATHERBY When Weatherby introduced its Turkish-made semi-auto shotgun line, the basic idea was to combine the stylish look of an Italian autoloader with a unique dual-valve system that would cycle a wide range of loads easily and dependably. Price was also a consideration, as Weatherby wanted to be able to deliver a lot of value as well, which is why the line is priced right around $700. If you've had an opportunity to shoot one of these models you're struck by how nice the wood looks and, more important, how well it performs in the field. For 2009, Weatherby extends the line with the addition of the SA-08 Synthetic, which features a lightweight injection-molded stock. "This is not just another Turkish shotgun," said marketing coordinator Aaron Smith, at a recent Weatherby seminar. "We opted for machined, not cast, parts, for strength and rigidity, and we feel our dual-gas-valve system manages recoil better." The dual-valve system allows you to quickly change the valve to adjust for different loads, species or seasons. For example, the 12-gauge Light Loads valve cycles everything from 7/8 ounce through 1 1/8 ounce loads. Put in the Heavy Load valve, and you're good to go with 1¼- to a magnum 3-inch 2-ounce load. For the 20-gauge the Light Load valve ranges from ¾-ounce to 7/8-ounce loads, and the Heavy Load valve handles 7/8-ounce to 1 5/16-ounce loads. As noted, the valves are easily accessible or fast changing, and this ease of access also makes the SA-08 easy to clean. Other features include matte black metalwork, a drop-out trigger system, integral screw-in multi-choke system (Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full), chrome-lined barrels and a CNC-machined receiver constructed of aircraft-grade alloys. The 12-gauge versions are available with 26- and 28-inch barrels; 20-gauge models come with 24-, 26- and 28-inch barrels. SRP: $669. (800-227-2016;
WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS A brand-new pump shotgun, as well as upgrades to two existing model lines, highlights Winchester's new smoothbores this year. The new Super X Pump (SXP) features new aesthetics similar to the Super X3 semi-auto, with its all-new composite stock and forearm and updated receiver profile and graphics. Chambered in 12-gauge 3-inch, the rotary bolt action uses four massive recoil lugs. The Influx Technology Recoil pad is standard and all barrels are fully chrome-plated. Two SXP models will be unveiled this year. The Black Shadow is available in 26- or 28-inch barrels that are backbored to .742 and use the Invector-Plus interchangeable choke-tube system. Average weight is 7 to 7.5 pounds, depending on barrel length. SRP: $359. The Defender SXP features an 18-inch cylinder choked barrel and weighs in at 6.5 pounds. SRP: $319. A new addition to the Super X3 line of semi-autos is the 3.5-inch 12-gauge Gray Shadow 3. It features a distinctive and durable gunmetal-gray Perma-Cote UT (Ultra Tough) surface finish that is applied to every external surface, including all metal and the buttstock and forearm. The stock and forearm also feature Dura-Touch Armor Coating for improved gripping under all weather conditions. Other features include the Active Valve gas system and Inflex Recoil Pad. Available in 26- or 28-inch barrels; average weight is 7 pounds. SRP: $1,299. New to the Winchester Model 101 over/under 12-gauge line is the Model 101 Light. It weighs a pound less than other 101 models. The 26-inch model is only 6 pounds; the 28-inch model weighs 6.5 pounds. It has an aluminum receiver adorned with quail on the right side and flushing pheasants on the left, and the bottom features a Springer Spaniel with a bird in its mouth. Framing the receiver is a Grade II select walnut stock and forearm and a Pachmayr Decelorator recoil pad with a classic white-line spacer. It comes with three Invector Plus choke tubes and the barrel is backbored to .742. SRP: $1,999. (801-876-3440;
BENELLI New additions to Benelli's World Class Collection, and what might prove to be a very popular addition to the Stoeger double-barrel Coach Gun line, highlight Benelli's new smoothbore offerings this year. The World Class Collection BiMillionaire 12- and 20-gauge are built on the company's alloy-frame semi-auto platform and feature dramatically figured AAA-grade walnut buttstock and forearm with a satin finish and 28-line-per-inch checkering on the pistol grip and forearm. The blued 26-inch vent-ribbed barrel accepts screw-in chokes (C, IC, M, IM and F are supplied) and features a red-bar front sight. Magazine capacity is 4+1. The 12-gauge weighs in at 7.3 pounds, and the 20-gauge tips the scales at 6 pounds. The two-tone receiver (upper blued, lower polished) is extensively engraved with gold inlay, and each gun comes with a sterling-silver medallion that can be custom-engraved without having to ship the entire gun and then set into the pistol grip cap. Only 200 of each gauge will be shipped into the U.S. in 2009. SRP: $2,730 (each gauge). The World Class Collection Curator Set consists of both a 12- and 20-gauge gun with many of the same features, including AAA-grade walnut and more extensive engraving. Only 250 sets will be available in 2009. SRP: $5,200 per set. Originally developed as a traditional double-trigger side-by-side shotgun to answer the demand for a value-priced scattergun for Cowboy Action competition, the Stoeger Coach Gun line has become increasingly popular in the home-defense market. This year the Coach Gun line will see the addition of single-trigger models. The single-trigger Coach Gun is available in 12- and 20-gauge. Both are chambered for 2¾- and 3-inch shells and feature fixed chokes in IC and Mod. The 20-inch barrels feature a single brass-bead front sight and soft rubber recoil pad, and are stocked in A-grade walnut, with a blue finish on all metalwork. SRP: $369. The single-trigger Coach Gun Supreme offers the same specifications but features a stainless-steel receiver, blued barrel, checkered AA-grade walnut and a beavertail forearm. It is threaded for interchangeable choke tubes (IC and Mod and a choke tube wrench are supplied; C, IC, Mod and Full tubes are available as an option). The 12-gauge weighs in at 6.5 pounds; the 20-gauge tips the scales at 6.4 pounds. SRP: $469. (301-283-6981;

Newest shotguns featured at SHOT Show 2009.