Hunting Turkey Hunting

Flight Control


Bring it, fool! The tom attacks, putting a few dents in the decoy.

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This Hazel Creek decoy attracts a big boss gobbler. He's itching for a fight.
What's that I hear? The tom is stretching out his neck to locate the sound of that putt from a Hunter's Specialties Ring Zone slate call.
Boom! The big tom takes a load of Federal Premium Heavyweight No. 6 shot to the head and neck, fired from a Benelli M2, 20-gauge at 35 yards. (Notice the Flight Control wad just over the back of the gobbler.)
Down. Benelli M2, Federal Premium Heavyweight, Hazel Creek Decoys and Hunter's Specialties Ring Zone Slate Call . . . a deadly combination.
Hunters Steve McKelvain and Cally Morris with a nice Rio.
Success. The hunters and their birds. From left: Cally Morris, Peter Mathiesen, Steve Gash, Joe Coogan, Steve McKelvain, Bob Robb, Milton Greeson.