Katie Woods and Ben, her chocolate lab caught a largemouth bass on the Brazos River in China Spring, TX.
Katie Woods and Ben, her chocolate lab caught a largemouth bass on the Brazos River in China Spring, TX. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ethan and his first trout, a 12″ rainbow, with a spinner in Skippack, PA. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Jason Blankenship writes: _I was fishing with a live bluegill hooked through the nose. I made my cast toward a logjam downstream from a riffle in the river that led to a deep hole. I let the bank sinker hold the bluegill in place for about an hour. Then at 8:45PM I saw my pole slightly tugging, then one big pull. I immediately set the hook into what became the longest Flathead Catfish caught in the State of Kentucky for 2007. After a 25 minute fight through current and brush I landed the brute only to realize it was the biggest fish of my life. It measured 45in long, 31.5in in girth, 10in between the eyes, and weighed in at 56lbs. The fish was recognized as a trophy fish by the Department of Fish and Wildlife as a trophy fish and won the distinction mentioned before. _ Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mark Fahey and his first yellow fin tuna. They hooked this 75 lb. yellow after fighting it for 30 minutes. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Greg Allen caught this 8 lb 13 oz Largemouth Bass on an early May morning at Choke Canyon Reservoir in South Texas. She was promptly returned to the water after a few Kodak moments to be enjoyed by another fisherman someday. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Captain Paul Schafley and a recent catch from the Manistee River! Outdoor Life Online Editor
Chad Blackwell caught this 45 pound Catfish on a 15-pound test line in the Congaree River, Columbia, South Carolina. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This is Colten Wyatt Winchester, 7 years old. He caught these two blue cats on Sunday April 6, 2008 on the Mississippi River . His dad, Cary Winchester who caught the 108lb. blue cat in the Bass Pro Tournament last year is training him up to be a professional catfisherman. The first one he caught was 19 bs and the second one was 26 lbs. Both are state records for his age class but he is holding out for a 30lber. If you ask him about the experience he will tell you that his muscles were sure sore and that the fish liked to pull hard. They released both catfish after the photos were shot. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Adam Warchol and a 13″ beautiful brown that was caught out of a local stream opening day of this year. Outdoor Life Online Editor
My name is Dennie Belcher Jr. I am from Princeton, WV. I caught this 5lb. 2oz. 21 inch Brook Trout in Buffalo Fork Lake in Pocahontas County WV on 03/21/08. Caught it while trolling a 00 Mepps Aglia spinner. Only bite the four of us on the boat had that day. My new nickname is Chief Peckerhead. Jealousy truly reared its ugly head that day on the lake. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Rob Sykes caught this walleye May 12th, on White Iron Lake near Ely, Minnesota. It measured out to be 7 pounds and 28 1/4 inches long. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Dave Shannon from Crossville,TN took this picture of a fellow fisherman on April 20th at 6AM. Outdoor Life Online Editor

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