Knowing how to sharpen a knife is an essential skill for any outdoorsman, chef, security professional, craftsman, or any activity where carrying a blade is part of the job. But it’s not always convenient to lug around sharpening stones or other devices, and that’s where replaceable-blade knives stand out. With surgically sharp spare blades that nest in the sheath, you can get as many as a dozen blade changes out of one handy package. They take seconds to swap out, ensuring that you always have a razorlike edge on hand when it counts.

Glass-and-Nylon Handle

New Product caption: To extend this product’s life, run it over a ceramic rod or give it a light sharpen when you’re home. Outdoor Edge

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Thin, stainless-steel blades are easily changed in the field, eliminating the need to sharpen. However, to really get the most life out of a single blade, store it back in the sheath after removal and then re-sharpen once or twice on a ceramic rod or diamond stone at home before finally disposing of it.

Convenient Pocket Clip

This one’s light and easy to grip. Havalon

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Replaceable-blade knife handles are usually made of thermoplastic rubber or some other synthetic material that is both lightweight and durable. They are so light that it’s easy to carry one as a back-up blade reserved only for critical slicing functions while packing a more robust knife or multi-tool for the more demanding tasks.

Multiple Uses

Simply trade out the edge and presto, it’s like a whole new tool. Outdoor Edge

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Most replaceable blades are just iterations of the same cutting edge. A knife combo set sold with regular blades as well as skinning and saw blades gives you a versatile cutting implement for the widest range of applications.